Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Am I missing something?

Safaricom Home Fibre has always been unlimited. No FUP.


Check this:

From this post:


Easy Bundle is a mobile phone (and modem?) bundle. (Has FUP, Uses phone towers)

Safaricom FTTH is their fibre optic network for homes. (True Unlimited, Requires a fibre cable to your home)

Two very different products.


@Trey Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile::+1:


So are they showing houses that are connected to the fiber or areas where fiber is available?


I wouldn’t rely on it too much. It is not very accurate. I can see a lot of areas with FTTH but are not included on the map.


From what I can tell, it’s a map of already connected apartments


Well, planning to move back to Kinoo


Thanks guys. I really appreciate the feedback. Ruiru is out. Fucking bagas…long story. Ruaka is still an option but I am now beginning to consider Kinoo or even 87. Kama kuna borehole na FTTH then I am good…

Meanwhile, any updates on the Airtel Unlimited experience?

Na je hii offer ya Telkom?


Offer expires 15 July. After that you are left with the kawaida bundles which aren’t so bad if I do say so myself.


May be you’ll be my neighbour by the end of the year :joy: :joy::joy:

Moving back there. There is borehole water. Plenty of it. The main supplier wa maji ako na massive boreholes huko.


This speed test in ya FTTH ama? Niko L. kabete and orange speeds are not the best…



Tutaona… me ni maji tu ndio inafanya nihame huku Kasarani… that and internet :unamused::unamused:


Yes, Lower Kabete. Orange & Airtel don’t work so well there, ZUKU is full of nonsense so FTTH might (unfortunately) be your best bet, at least for the moment.


Where i live, mirema drive roysambu i did not even experience the water rationing, nd kuna zuku… Nd kwanza venye kuko quiet na miti kila mahali, huku sihami soon unless naenda garden estate


Any final updates on the Airtel post paid bundle? I think it’s the one closest to FTTH for those of us who have no fibre connection yet


I am also waiting on this information.

Meanwhile, how many of us live around Roysambu, TRM Drive, Lumumba Drive?

Has Safaricom FTH gotten there?


Only zuku if am not wrong


What about this place called Santon,Mwiki? A friend of mine wants to move there and wants to know whether there is FTTH.


Mwiki umeenda mbali tu sana. Kama FTTH imefika huko hata kwa mwezi pia iko.