Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



I’ve been unable to catch up…si mtu anifanyie summary :speak_no_evil:

Orange/Telkom for me has been … well… not so bad. As long as I don’t tamper with the Domino and it is on charge, then it works. Then there are those days that it decides it doesn’t want to work at all. And often those are the days when I need it the most :woman_facepalming:t5:

I am planning to move out soon (mostly because hakuna maji :weary: ) to a more favourable place.

I am thinking Ruaka or Ruiru. Anywhere else that I can consider, that has borehole water :upside_down_face: and Safaricom FTTH?


Heard imefika Kinoo. That place maji hukua kwa wingi. Borehole water.


Kinoo tumejaa. Hatutaki wageni :laughing:


Ruaka is currently having Zuku blackout issues - no tv or internet signal for days. When it does come for like 20 min, speeds are 0.5Mbps. FTTH isn’t there yet and they don’t seem to be in a hurry.

Kinoo is borderline unsafe. My friends have moved out, some to Syokimau others to nearby Lower Kabete, both of which have water and FTTH. Syoks has 2 bedrooms at 25K, shopping mall is near, healthcare and the train 4x a day so you can plan to get home easily. Lower Kabete has 3 bedrooms for 30K, is easier to get to town, the air is better but it is colder and the schoolkids noise might become bothersome

Ruiru is far. The morning traffic jam will inconvenience you. Don’t know about it’s FTTH status.

Here is the speedtest for Lower Kabete

Airtel doesn’t have a strong signal there so the mi-fi router won’t work. You’ll need FTTH.


This is what we call propaganda with no evidence. Hii Kinoo that people say is unsafe ni gani? I have lived here for 6 years and sijawahi ibiwa hata nguo kwa kamba.


Athi River


*Only if you intend to live along the main road


i couldnt advice you to try Ruiru,maybe it could be bcz i stayed when i was in school
But yes there are good apartments in Ruiru


True, true. You also need a car because the dust! Oh my gosh! I visited my aunt who lives about a KM from the main road and took a boda boda - worst mistake of my life! When I got there she almost took a hose pipe to wash off the dust so as to recognize me. Na zile estate zimejengwa huko unaweza dhani ni majuu!


The place is very dusty and the air is terrible (So many cement factories around)

Safaricom Fibre is also limited to areas along the major roads. The other alternative is using Tier 3 providers who are expensive.


Si kwa ubaya but that place is usually unsafe. It just depends which section of Kinoo. If you live on sides of Jackmil all the way to Greenwoods and the backyard to this stretch, ikifika usiku it’s unsafe.

2014 niliibiwa at gun point hapo Greenwoods. Then 2015 wezi wa boda boda that side wakaongezeka. I miss mayai za Jackmil though. Those eggs are HUGE :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Juu naskia fiber iko naeza rudi.


For those far from fiber maybe you should look at Hi-Max, if you go with the equipment lease you pay4,000 per month for 2mbps up and 2 mbps down, I don’t know anyone using it but seems like a good offer for those far off.


I live these sides and honestly, never had an incident na nimefika home even passed midnight.


You are one lucky chap. Was mugged at 8pm. [quote=“kiharajon, post:313, topic:941”]
For those far from fiber maybe you should look at Hi-Max, if you go with the equipment lease you pay4,000 per month for 2mbps up and 2 mbps down, I don’t know anyone using it but seems like a good offer for those far off.

The problem is, they don’t allow you to have your own equipment. You either lease it or buy it from them (which is a complete rip off). Even if you have the equipment previously installed by them (may be the tenant moved and you are lucky they left the equipment behind), they will charge you nearly 10k to have you connected to WiMax. Another rip off.

Naskia Safaricom Fiber imefika Kahawa Wendani. That means it shouldn’t take long before they cover more estates. I’m sure by the end of the year we shall have greater internet options to choose from.


Safaricom has finally made a map that shows all the estates that their FTTH service is available

Link :point_right:


I was about to ask for this. Thank you.


Very sparse, I though they teamed with Kenya power to roll out mass FTTH, also I have noted the pins are apartments, I thought if the cable is available on a street it means anyone along that street gets connected, in Mombasa it shows they are only available in 3 apartments.


This is still just a plan, otherwise if the Kenya power arrangement was active they would roll out faster.

This I can confirm, I know someone using it in the Kahawa Sukari area outside the gated area.


Checki this guy!


Hawajafika my place. :worried: