Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



JTL charge 1K per Mbps up/down so 100Mbps would be KES 100K a month, same speed up and down.

This is one place JTL is losing. As a modem user with 2 modems in the house totalling 10K, I’d comfortably switch to 100Mbps at 10K and even cancel the DSTV people use for soccer, ultimately saving at least 5k a month


Oh. And when Faiba launched they had daily caps. You connection was deprioritized after hitting the cap.

5 Mbps = 5 GB/day
10 Mbps = 10GB/day etc.

This was for their residential plans. I was also informed that the business plans had some sort of cap but it was much higher than the residentials plans.

I am not sure if they still do this.


30GB a day last I checked, up from 24GB. I do understand their argument for data caps esp with 4G, if we only had 3G phones but a 4G/5G infrastructure then caps are nonesense.

Aside from limiting piracy (illegal file sharing, streaming from your connection) or ensuring you’re not running a data centre out of your house, caps are practical. Using IDM @32 downlinks on a 10Mbps connection consumes 4GB an hour, × 24 hours is 96GB a day so a cap of 3TB a month (Optimum, no downtime factored in).

Considering you wount use the net like this 8/10 times (because when will you consume all this content you’re downloading :eyes:) then a 600GB cap a month for residential is very generous (household of 5 consuming 120GB each) Anything else you get throttled to 10% of whatever bandwith you are paying for.

Forum members are power users yet we were amazed at how someone clocked ~600GB a month, safe to say homes wount be reaching that amount.

Personally I’d use about 1TB a month for about 4-6 no the then see it drop down to 300GB a month. There are some houses that would use 1TB a month but they’re like 1/100 and if you factor in throttling then the numbers will eventually stabilize.


A Zebra doesn’t shed its stripes. If Safaricom dominates Home Internet, this will be bound to happen.


That is true. Their strategy is profit over people, and it will backfire. Might just take a while since the government is on their side.


All we can hope for is not to have one dominant player in the Home Internet market, or else price will shoot and speeds dropped, as @TeriWanderi mentioned in the States.

It’s not that they can’t, they WON’T and that’s the reason T-Mobile is destroying them on mobile data.


Pls confirm if u still get the 10m GBs monthly?


Kumbe watu wa Telkom u have slow speeds ivi. Just did a speedtest on HSPA+ while in traffic on Haile Selassie ave


This must be one of those places they call pockets, that network signals don’t reach. Safaricom has such at around NYS Thika Road to GSU.


Then our area is in a very huge pocket in terms of Orange 4G :persevere::persevere::persevere:


The signal is great there, in fact am impressed with the signal strength all he way from the CBD to Magadi rd. Only place av seen a one bar is at Catholic University of Eastern Africa bus stage. Am currently stuck in Rongai traffic :unamused:, but so far so good

12mbps on Magadi rd :raised_hands:


Nikikua Rongai kwa traffic mimi hucheka tu. Somehow I feel nikama nitachomokea Nakuru :joy::joy::joy:


Hehehe no one gets u more than me there :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


How is the post-paid Airtel bundle still going? Is it still uncapped?


Yea it is


yap still uncapped. Only issue is that I hit slower speeds in the evening 8-10 pm. I’m guessing it’s due to congestion during those hours, but the speeds pick up after that.


Okay. I guess I’ll enter a contract with Airtel then.


Liquid telcom provides the largest fiber service in kenya, and majority of their clients are the big players including most banks, industries and even to other telcos like safaricom. Infact it is they who are subcontracted by safcom to maintain its fiber to numerous base stations… Hao wachana nao, they cant go under… If safaricom is the ocean of the planet called kenya, LTK is the molten core of that planet.


Didn’t Airtel recently make a deal to lease some serious bandwidth from Liquid Telcom?


Yes they did.