Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Heh you must be a an online gamer, or you watch 4k content, I stream youtube mostly at 1080p and I never get past 25-30 GB a month, talk to safaricom


FullHD of IPTV will fork you nearly a GB per hour. So you can imagine if you view 10hrs a day


Actually, normal FullHD does not buffer at all on 3G unless service si poa.

I just got addicted to FullHD videos from 2010 when 1080p videos started to emerge on Youtube. I still have the first ever videos I downloaded in FullHD from Youtube :joy::joy::joy:

So niko tu obsessed. Watched 4K content on a 4K screen but nikaona it’s okay to remain at 1K.


Waaah huyu ni Guzzler,half a Terabyte of data consumed…noma sana


anything above 1080p saa zingine ni ngumu kuona difference esp on LED but OLED iko level ingine mwenda…if i get a chance to get an OLED set,i will get it


4K is unecessary unless you are viewing on an OLED panel…IPS and LED panels dont do 4K justice,makes 1080p better for most…


Naona leo fibre yao iko down.

Tumetupwa Wananchi (Zuku’s Fibre) hadi waresolve the issue with Telkom’s Fibre.

Current dl speeds ni 20 KBps. :frowning:


Sahii pesa ya OLED hakuna :joy::joy::joy:
Vision 2020 though Mungu akitujalia uhai.


Wenye walinunua Airtel how is it going? Coz I am getting really really tired of using Orange. :triumph:


Their net is very slow currently. I guess network congestion due to free calls. It’s so bad. Hope they ditched that calling thing in favor of great internet packs.


Airtel just needs to roll out 4G/4G+ en masse and their congestion problems go away. They can do this because Kenyan consumers won’t need 5G - we can skip straight to 6G so saves telcos some money.

Orange is slow the farther you are from the CBD. I have stopped buying it’s bundles in favour of Airtel 24GB for 3K. I know I get less but having it on phone instead of modem is an upsell.


I know Telkom is a pain but at least for 3G in our area I get good speeds. Airtel was my favorite until they started hii story ya tubonge mob or something. Everything went downhill fast.


First image is Zuku with the 14 and second is Safaricom with pretty good uploads. Something I’ve noted so far. They ain’t stingy with upload speeds.


I got a free one month upgrade to 100Mbps and here’s my result. I still hate the upload speed.


When Zuku launched the 100Mbps speeds at Nailab, I did a test on and the speeds reported were 27Mbps.

Speedtests that were beig shown by the technicians were of course local server speeds.


True… …I also use orange coz of the affordability but the farther from CBD the worse the coverage .


This is really good…How much is it per month ?


Bronze 5 Mbps - 2,499
Silver 10 Mbps - 3,499
Gold 20 Mbps - 4,999
Platinum 40 Mbps - 9,999


I think I will replace my Airtel line and buy the 24GB for 3K option and see how it goes. I think we (my household LOL) need to exhaust the 7GB remaining though and our expiry is 16th this month :unamused:

So let’s see whether Airtel will be better in these Kasarani sides…will keep y’all posted.


These are Zuku prices??