Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



I travel between Mombasa and Nairobi, whole of Mombasa is covered by safaricom, Orange and Airtel 4G, though the 2 are not available for consumers yet, Nairobi is patchy for Orange and Airtel, cbd, Runda yes Kiambu no.


4G is so fast here in Kilifi you do a speedtest 5 times you lose half a GB of data.


well, maybe exagerated a bit. A quarter. Still a hell load.


Are you talking of Safaricom 4G or others?


No increase in speed from the regular 3G that is using, even when in Westlands/Parklands/CBD.

If there is an advantage to leaving your phone on 4G/LTE when on Airtel, then I don’t know what it is.

Switching back to 3G and saving my battery.


You mean you’ve been able to connect to Airtel 4G? Alafu this is a list of my speedtest results on my Airtel done in the recent past , apart from some few times when network would refuse to connect for whatever reason cant say its been bad.

However there is a time where later on in the evening I remembered to do a speedtest when within Rongai town, having in mind where I stay is some distance from Rongai Town and this could explain why I enjoy the good speeds. Download speeds hit around 6mbps, so am guessing it’s a congestion problem. But I feel Airtel seriously need to do something about the quality of their network in urban areas and specifically indoors


Watu wa Orange I can see unlimited ya 4k going by this post by @kiharajon


Dual play has been there for a while. Its not a truly unlimited offer. You get capped after 50GB(I’m not sure whether they actually cap). You also need that Flybox router and a desktop phone to access the voice allocation.


As long as you have a modem you are good to go only that you’ll trade-off the voice allocation. Also, it is capped at 50GB.


No I wasn’t. I set my phone to LTE mode to see if there was any difference as opposed to just leaving it in 3G mode - Figured i might do a network search and find 4G but didn’t work. Saw none whatsoever.

Airtel Speedtest at Kangundo Road/Bypass Intersection. Shall post a speedtest screenshot reply when I am back in the city


Somewhere up the thread someone asked why Safcom can’t connect their flats, as compared to apartments and homes. Wish I’d tag of but couldn’t find the response.

On safcom’s side, from each node, the drop goes to a switch in the building. Then depending on user desires, they put up a gpon router at the termination point.

From each node, either via direct sales, aggregated sales or reseller,Safcom needs to make about 60k a month of each link.

Safcom could put up as many users as they want on each link but reduced/limited it to four coz of QoS. However , asking you or a group of guys to pay 60k a month seems like far fetched goal, thus will have say an apartment/apartment blocks with certain number of households served by a number of nodes to make business sense to them and favorable to the end user.

I hope this answers the home connection. However, I don’t get why they ain’t doing it for flats. Perhaps putting the drop is an issue. Maybe… Just maybe.


I really need that 20 Mbps fiber connection from Safaricom.:smirk:


@martingicheru Please help a bratha out…dryspell inamsumbua :joy:


Could one take this as:

31GB = Mobile devices - phone, tablet, wageni etc…
519GB = Laptop, TvOS streaming apps, torrent, gaming, workikg from home etc…?

That’s like ~> 18GB a day. I see people here who could be individual stress testers for ISPs if they had the opportunity :rofl:


I have a 5 Mbps connection.

550GB is on my laptop only. :sweat_smile:

Phone (Wi-Fi) - 12GB (It can get to around 30 GB if I use my phone too much. 12GB is with average use.)

I’d say we use around 800 - 900 GB of data per month at home.


Me and @Trey ride on the same boat. Ni vile sina access to true unlimited internet. I can do 30GB a day very easily because anything short of FullHD kwa big screen ni kitu siwezi watch.

Right now I just get my brother to download from his office na analeta. Some movies FullHD unapata ni 5~6GB sahio you have to watch like 3 in a day. Weekend IPTV nayo.

Can’t wait to get that Safaricom Fiber.


What do you do with your internet. Damn!


Damn man kwani u live online :joy: I’ve used like 150GB in the past one month though this is for one machine but i don’t think I’m past 200GB usage on all devices in the house


I have a torrent download server that gets torrents at high speed then converts them to secure direct downloads.

I still have around 160GB to download. :slight_smile:


Hmmm… 5 Mbps up & down? Still notable :slight_smile:

HD Streaming, Torrents & Steam can achieve this easily.

I had to reduce to 250MB a day on phone because mobile data was getting expensive. If cost isn’t an issue, 60GB a month is possible. 100GB if i include backups - camera roll etc.

I clocked 1.8TB in 2014 when I was creating my portable media library to use during travels. It took about a weekend to queue the first batch then was downloading ~90GB a day using IDM @32 connections via 10Mbps Zuku. I used a server to convert torrents to direct download - like @Trey does

I had remote access to the machine so would add files every 12 hours and would copy off to ensure the drive was never full. All the laptop did was download and assemble, no other service was using the connection. Best 4300 a month on net i’ve ever spent.

I find 1080P/4K on home consumed media to be excessive given the file sizes and the amount of time it takes to buffer/download them. A 720p BDRip Movie file takes about 30 min via Orange 3G modem and it’s sufficient to watch on a 50" Bravia. 1080 & 4K start bringing issues of dedicated graphics and buffer rates which are unnecessary considering once you watch you’ll either switch to something else or ultimately delete the videos.

Cartoons are even worse. 720p i get but 1080p 22 min cartoon? Some resolutions are visually unnecessary so it becomes a matter of preference not necessity. To each their own I guess.