Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Probably the only thing keeping him in business, the mystery.


Yes I think he has to protect his business but I told him you can connect people such as me and may be others that need a connection at home in exchange for negotiating for lower charges from the ISP. But the guy refused.


Next time you go to the cyber ebu do a speedtest via then share the details, the site shows you the name of your ISP


The service provider is a Tier 3 ISP not Tier 1.

Tier 3 ISPs do not own fiber networks, they buy from Tier 1 ISPs like Wanachi, Telkom, Safaricom etc.

The details on any speed test site will show the Tier 1 info where the Tier 3 ISP is buying bandwidth from.


Like I said. It shows it is Wananchi Zuku but the connection is wireless based on NanoStation, which is a service provided by 3rd tier ISPs and not Zuku. They guy at the cyber has refused to give me the name of the 3rd tier.

Exactly what @Trey is saying. So I can’t get access to the service unless the cyber guy gives me the name of the person giving him the net.


Ow got it now… Then that explains why he doesnt want you knowing his ISP


No tier 3 ISP here. I’m signing up. Its funny i’m the believer now.


Most of them do not market themselves as much.

Anyway, let us know how the Airtel internet goes and if it is still uncapped.


There is someone who confirmed it a week ago that it is still uncapped.


Yea it is, n btw has anyone else on Airtel noticed the speed improvement after the ka hitch that started sometime last week. been streaming YouTube 1080p well since around Tuesday, am hitting 12Mbps to Texas and almost 17Mbps to Mombasa, and this is HSPA+. i want an Airtel 4G SIM so bad


Same thing here, well almost same thing. I’m now streaming 720p videos smoothly. This is with a very weak Wi-Fi signal-about 2 bars-from my Airtel hotspot. I’m also able to stream smoothly on my phone from the laptop hotspot(which is connected to the Airtel Hotspot). I need a wifi extender!


or his source of bandwidth is “unconventional”.


Haven’t noticed any such good news. My airtel is super slow but i think it’s because i limited it to 3G to save on battery - no LTE anyway so who have the radio search for it?

Switched to LTE now I’ll be more vigilant and report my findings (if any) here :slight_smile:


Ma sufferer wa Orange mko wapi (I hear now it’s back to Telkom :roll_eyes:)

How many downtimes a week (estimated average) do you have/get? Sometimes I feel like I always get the raw end of the stick. (Or is it the short end?:thinking:🤷🏽)


Hatujamaliza innuendos?


They sent me an sms saying service quality might be affected for 2 weeks, it’s been frustrating on and off 3G, but at least I see their 4G is spreading fast, hope they launch it soon


hahaha. Not you alone. experience it at least twice a week. Ya Sunday morning they called me jana to tell me it was a network issue, which has now been resolved. Kuna siku unaeka airtime and you find approximately 10% missing. But they refund after a few hours later.


Hiyo 4G I’m still waiting for a signal to show up where I am. Sijaona kitu


hii 4G LTE ya Telkom mtu anapata aje?


Raw. Stick. I like you :yum:

Sorry for having short sticks though. Airtel has longer I guess.