Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



For what it is worth, AT&T just deprioritize you if the cell tower you are connected to is congested. Otherwise, your data will not be capped or throttled.

If you have a smartphone and exceed 22GB of data in a particular billing cycle, your data speed may be reduced during the remainder of that billing cycle if and when you use your phone at times and in areas that are experiencing network congestion. You will not experience any reduction in speed while using Wi-Fi.

The hypothetical plan you mentioned would be a hit in Kenya at that price point (-/+ 500)

Quick questions: - How much do you rely on your phone data bundle?


No FTTH where I live. There is an orange modem which works as long as there isn’t a fibre cut but mostly, I rely totally on my phone.


I’ve been told by some people living in the US, that $70 there is like 20K here, depending on what you do. So at that 1:3 ratio, we’re looking at about 2500 a month for the plan.

It would definitely make things easier. There are students in places like Pan African Christian University who do all their classes remotely. Some don’t have FTTH so 10K a month on bundles isn’t ideal for 3 year program


Where I stay, people rarely buy phone bundles. And if anybody does, it is a 10/20 bob bundle to stay online if you are leaving.

We mostly use WiFi for everything else. It is cheaper and pure unlimited.

Since I switched to home fiber around 6 months ago, Safaricom has given me over 1.5 GB worth of bundles and some crazy deals to lure me back. :slight_smile:


I was also called today… and the guy was asking about the same thing.


What you said is totally true. I paid them a visit today and they told me that if I stop paying halfway they will still bill me and if I want to opt out I must pay the rest of the remaining months out of 12 months. I was also told that if I fail to pay the bill, I will be listed on CRB.

I think I will have to wait for the next three months and see how this thing goes since I’m planning to move to a bigger house in November, I will give areas with Safaricom fiber may be, a higher priority.


Thank you for clarifying this.

In case anyone else is interested, here is the contract from Airtel

Airtel Corporate Contract Form.pdf (492.2 KB)


I have decided to wait. Acha niumie na bundles for a while.


I agree. Hii story ya being bound to a 12 month contract sitaki ata mimi. I will just wait and move to a place with unlimited internet (Safaricom FTTH or Zuku or other).

Sidenote: Where on Thika Rd do these guys serve?


Just make sure Zuku is your last option. Their network is not very stable. Just search ‘Zuku’ on Twitter and see the number of complaints about their Internet.


Speaking of Zuku…


This is the most accurate thing ever. Somebody give this man an award.


Unfortunately Zuku ndiyo iko huko


Hehehe i like this​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I’m going for the Airtel package. Its just one year. A lot can happen in one year but i’ll take a leap of faith.


Problem is you are never sure when they will cap it at 30GB.


Shouldn’t changes to terms of service allow one to opt out of a contract?


You have to pay for the remaining months to opt out. Given that you sign up to a cap of 30GB per month it makes it tricky to commit but still I’m 50:50 on this. My freedom for unlimited internet at full speeds is killing me inside.


Is it possible there is a Tier 3 ISP in your area offering wireless internet?

I personally use a Tier 3 ISP. They buy from Telkom Kenya and redistribute it to us.

I’d recommend you search around and see if there’s one before signing the Airtel Contract.


There is a cyber that uses a tier 3 (net provided by Zuku based on an ISP analysis I did at the cyber) but they refused to tell me the provider. Funny enough, the net has never gone down and average speeds are way above 20mbps when nearly 10pcs are streaming soccer from betting players. Sijui anyone nitafungua cyber yangu. He refused to tell me the provider. All I know is that they are connected via WLAN dish Nanostation.