Safaricom Easy Bundle (Safaricom monthly Unlimited @3,500 bob or @6,000bob)


The most important thing is that they don’t cap the speeds(edit: based on what you are saying). I’ll ask someone to try it out.


Damn,Safaricom making moves like this is just helping them destroy the competition before it even starts…1TB Data cap is typically “Unlimited” coz unless you are running a server farm or torrenting games for sale,i think thats a lot of data right there,on my home fibre i barely reach 200GB a month and i still stream and game a lot with it…


Now this is worth considering


Uncapped? 1TB? :confetti_ball: Sounds interesting. Do you have numbers collected over a period to add to this? The speeds would vary between areas so curious where and when the tests were done.

Currently using Telkom Night Owl in Ruai, downloading 5GB per hour using a single link. Tests with Safcon 4G go as high as 20Mbps so the 1TB at constant download would optimally be exhausted in just under 5 days.

If there is a big box available for testing, I am open to joining the testers. Would test on a Sunday as it’s when all networks here are slowest (more people at home?)


Guys on this plan kindly do more tests we confirm before we decide kuvuka, after all this is Safaricon we talking about tunaeza geuziwa overnight :joy:


Got some speed tests this afternoon. He’s using it for playing PS online and YouTube. Location is Nyayo Highrise, Mbagathi Way.
More users need to test, could probably be a way of Safaricom welcoming a new user of Big Box.


Book marking this post. We’ll discuss OCT huko by God’s will.

Unaeza ambiwa hiyo ilikua tunukiwa ya BigBox. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Exactly… Like the welcoming offer where ISPs secretly give you ‘unlimited’ bandwidth in your first week then huddle you in a congested access point for the rest if your subscription.



Well, second month of trying out the Big box tariff. I still got the unlimited bundles. Speeds are decent.

The speed tests done on the 21st August were slow.(That’s when the regular bundles ended) . After that, the speeds improved. As earlier reported, I don’t use it, lent it out. I only get to test speeds over weekends. The user streams YouTube without challenge and plays PS online.
I wish other forum members would give their experience.


If you are open to loaning this out I could try it for a few days then give you feedback.


Bowing down to pressure - I think it’s Faiba and Telkom effect. Nothing like customers here


I have a line where I normally use easy30 when traveling but for now I’ve not bought the bundle since I’m on zuku for a bit. Will check if I buy it again.


Kindly do, would also like to know if the same terabyte allocation also applies to other lines apart from the Big Box lines. By the way is that SIM card on the Big Box removable?


Should I purchase one? There’s no zuku, faiba nor Safaricom fiber here :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Those whoa re able to test kindly do and update. I have fewer and fewer data offers on my safcon line since I don’t sue it much. If I see anything different I shall share


I’ve already loaned it out to the current user. I meant, others with Bigbox to give it a try, could be my line is “peculiar”.

Embedded on the box.


Bummer, naona sasa nikipangia this one niachane na Airtel unlimited


With the 1st gen bigbox the SIM card was not embedded but one had to break the seal.I tried using the SIM card on another device but it seems the SIM is linked to the IMEI number so you cant browse .
The SIM card was white without any safaricom branding.That generation had two SIM card slot .The second SIM slot is easily access on the right hand side .


Still waiting for more feedback on this before I jump ship


Decided not to renew Zuku (I’m on the 3500/= package) for this month. Opted to try out the Bigbox. Well, the unlimited data still available on Bigbox after purchase of Easy 30 bundle.