Safaricom Easy Bundle (Safaricom monthly Unlimited @3,500 bob or @6,000bob)


Looking forward to the rebranding too, looks like it’s going to be big with the president attending and live TV coverage. Just hope the big relaunch translates to big performance as time goes on, but so far so good. Also seen that they are canceling Orange Money by the end of this month and existing customers are to collect funds at Equity bank branches


Yeah they explain that the reason that’s the case is they are working on a new mobile money product.


Checkout what GiffGaff in the UK offers clients. They’re the closest I’ve found to Airtel UnlimiNET. You can read about it HERE


They actually look a bit better than unliminet


Finally got to try Airtel outside home. These speeds are at TRM on Thika Road with my antennae set to LTE/3G auto select. 23Mbps is when i stood still, the rest i was in a bus at 60 KP/h

This morning, it took me 9 minutes to send an email with a 300KB attachment via tethering on my airtel line, IN THE CBD!!! Maybe more people have joined Airtel & that’s why it’s slow. Whatever it is, they need to roll out their 4G soon - as soon as Telkom’s rebrand hype has passed

Here is the average speed for Safaricom FTTH in Syokimau

The one router they give you is seriously affected by walls. Full bars when someone is in the same room but 1 bar when you walk into the next room. They insist that you get a 3rd party extender to compliment your coverage


Nice., Airtel is awesome btw especially when u are in a less congested area.
Going back to Telkom seems the rebranding is already taking shape in their system ahead of tomorrow, there’s a 4G SIM check option., n look, there’s even a new FREE Daily 50MB WhatsApp bundle! :raised_hands:


How do I check if Simcard is enabled for 4G?


*544# then select 4G4FREE. Going by some posts av seen from @martingicheru , if your SIM card is 4G enabled the you will see the option for subscribing to the free 1GB , if it aint like mine then ul be told it ain’t


Thanks mine subscribed but 4G signal is nowhere


I’ll be waiting for 4G modems and routers. Because the 3G at home has become a little slow…


I do recycle my devices and give out a few that I don’t need. Rather than buy a router, I tether from an old phone. But I’m looking towards purchasing a 4G Wingle instead of a router.


From their new site i can see they have the new 4G Wingle and lines specifically for home use. Alafu the home bundles have been well defined


My phone is safaricom locked, but I can’t wait to get home and try it on my tablet


People still buy carrier locked phones??? :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Anyway No pun though :hugs::hugs::hugs:


They have added 5GB to the monthly @3000bob one. Other packages are just the same there is no change.

On the 100GB they reduced the price from 8K to 6K.


Hehe I have always bought my phones from safcom, I am using a lenovo which I bought in 2014, I had not noticed the 100GB for 6k I think it’s better than the 4k 50GB unlimited one at least for me, I never get past 30GB,the 100 would take me the whole 3 months


Now given this, one invests in a Cheap 4G+ capable phone and uses that as their modem.

100GB @ 6K = 50GB @ 3K (Better than 50GB @ 4K) = 12.5GB @ 1K (Yet Safcon is 12GB @ 3K :eyes:) + both networks are 4G(+?)… So much for ‘the better option’


Am going to pick Telkom line today the deal is too good


I got 117 Mbps on Safaricom 4G (4G+) outside Goodman Plaza along Waiyaki way.


And 89 Mbps outside Sarit