Safaricom Easy Bundle (Safaricom monthly Unlimited @3,500 bob or @6,000bob)


Lucky you. I get 1/3 of what you get at home, and can’t even tether because of how slow it is - never sends anything.


These names are looking more and more like the bait at the center of a snare but for the keen eyes, it’s just a new twist on the same old stuff. If you owned a hotel and had some leftover madondo what would you do? The answer is simple… Piga hiyo madondo shower and karanga it afresh for today’s customers. Kama kesho bado iko patia hao ma chokora wametulia hapo nje and shout from the rooftops how you have a big heart with your corporate social responsibility.


Just as I suspected. Safaricom’s much touted 4G+ is just LTE CAT 4! This is outrageous!


Safaricom’s fiber backbone cannot handle LTE CAT 6 with their sheer number of subscribers. This is basically what their current infrastructure can support. I think this 4G+ move was not made to improve throughput but rather to ease the strain on the slower (100Mbps) 4G boosters.


Seriously??? Night made :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


The “unlimited,” contract-less plan does come with some restrictions, naturally. Some data will be “mobile-optimized,” capping video streams at 480p resolution and music at 500 kilobits per second. Data speeds will also be throttled after 23 gigabytes are used in a month.

Still, Waaaaay better than anything we have here…

And did you notice this?

Music capped at 500 kilobits per second

Following the discussion we had over at Safaricom Music Streaming App - Safaricom Beats

~96 kbps - Normal quality on mobile. This is the minimum the streaming app should support. Most phones in Kenya are low-mid range so it’d be appropriate plus it will lessen the load for zero rated streaming.

~160 kbps - Desktop and web player standard quality. High quality on mobile. For majority of the paying customers on mobile and default rate for web

~320 kbps Desktop high quality. Extreme quality on mobile. For premium subscribers and those with high end smartphones (the app should be able to auto detect and adapt)

This means that safcon is more than capable of offering zero rated throttled internet for their streaming service.

Safaricom Music Streaming App - Songa

What if iPhone losses ground like BlackBerry? What will they do?

Come to think of it, US mobile networks are a complete rip off. Was in some US-UK forum and the guys were bashing each other about how mobile phone services are so expensive in the US while others bashed guys in the UK about how expensive houses are over there in the UK.


It’s actually cheaper to buy 30GB bundles in Telkom than to get “unlimited” halafu get capped at 30GB.



The main difference is that Apple has a war chest of $250+ billion.

They will invest heavily in R&D and/or buyouts if they ever felt their iPhone business is under threat.

Apple can pay cash to acquire:

  • Tesla
  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Electronic Games
  • 3/4 phone manufacturers

And still have billions to spare.

Hell, they can buy the entire of Disney and have over 20 billion in change.

Apple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We might not be using iPhones in the future because phones became obsolete but not because the iPhone fell off.


They also have over $100 billion debt. The thing is, they have huge cash reserves because they are among the companies that hardly pay any dividends to the shareholders. If they do, then may be that started recently.

So they cannot make the purchases. It’s not easy. By the way, Apple is so protected by the govt there. I’m not sure why. When they nearly went bankrupt, Bill Gates bailed them out due to fear of having Microsoft being declared dominant.

When they were found guilty of infringing on Samsung’s hardware patents on some iPhones and iPads, leading to an order for halting the sales of the affected devices in the US, they begged Obama to veto them, and he did.

When they infringe other people’s patents they are only made to pay few millions of dollars. But wait, they sued Samsung because of rectangular designs with rounded corners, slide to unlock, predictive texting etc and boy ooh boy, they were awarded nearly half a billion dollars (initially I think it was over a billion dollars before subsequent appeals made the jury to lower the fines).

But let’s wait and see. I remember teacher chuo akisema kukua number one ni rahisi but kubaki hapo ni ngumu.


Apple Is The World’s Biggest Dividend Payer. Here is their full dividend history -

They still have the largest cash reserve if you deduct their debt.

Unfortunately, that is how it works when you have 26 products that infringe someone else’s patents. Samsung blatantly copied them (including the user experience).

I wouldn’t call $625 million a few million dollars but okay.


This was only validated in the United States. Other places where Apple had accused Samsung of patent infringement, the cases were thrown out of court by the judges. A Good example is Australia, Japan, and I think Germany.

Guess what the judges did in the UK? They forced Apple to place a huge banner on their websites (globally) including iTunes, stating that they wrongfully accused Samsung of being a copycat and they apologize for the wrongful accusations against Samsung. I think the ads were to last for 30 days? I can’t remember well.

This is one of the most recent cases. I would call 2014 a recent case. It is the same as the Siri and iTunes case. In all of these cases where Apple seriously infringed other people’s patents, they will hang around the courts for years filing for appeals to make sure by the time the cases come to an end either the accuser would have run bankrupt or the accuser agrees to an out of court settlement for a few millions of dollars.

In 2015 when Apple “learnt that” Sony was about to release a phone with a fingerprint scanner embedded on the power button. Boy ooh boy, they filed a patent for that in the US, when they did not have device or even a prototype of such a device yet Sony already had the phone in mass production awaiting it’s release in the United States. 2 years later Apple has been given the patent.

From the history you can tell that they started to pay real dividends in 2012. So you can imagine the cash hoarding from the other years.


I think you missed 1988-1995 where they did pay dividends. They stopped paying dividends in 1995. This is around the time Jobs returned to Apple and he was against dividends. If you invested $1000 around 95/96 you’d have over $115,000 in 2015. I don’t think any early investor will be complaining about dividends.

Apple vs VirnetX -> 2010 to 2016 (3 verdicts against Apple)

Apple vs Samsung -> From 2011 (Still ongoing)

iTunes case was a class action lawsuit from 2005. The issue was that Apple was a monopoly.

Siri was a patent case from 2012. Apple settled for $24.9 million in 2016. They will get a 3 year license for the patent.

Yes. This is exactly what happened. Sony’s phones ship to the US with a disabled fingerprint sensor. Everywhere else the fingerprint sensors work. The deal is set to expire soon (Allegedly)

Apple accused Samsung of infringing on three utility patents (United States Patent Nos. 7,469,381, 7,844,915, and 7,864,163) and four design patents (United States Patent Nos. D504,889, D593,087, D618,677, and D604,305).
Samsung accused Apple of infringing on United States Patent Nos. 7,675,941, 7,447,516, 7,698,711, 7,577,460, and 7,456,893.

The case is big in the US because most of the patents were registered there. Again, that is how this things work.

Most of your arguments do not seem to be researched or fact based. Here are some sources:

Apple vs Samsung -
Apple Dividends -
VirnetX vs Apple -
Apple Litigation -
Apple vs University of Wisconsin (Case from 2014, still ongoing) -
Sony fingerprint saga (Exact details not available) -


Which ones please (apart from the dividend payout)?


I got myself the Bigbox while it was on offer. Tried it out, the speeds were decent. I purchased Easy30 bundle, was pleasantly surprised to learn that the speeds are no longer capped after exhausting the bundles. They adopted the “unlimited” model where you are awarded 1042Gb. I loaned out the box to someone whom I challenged to exhaust the “unlimited” bundle.


The most important thing is that they don’t cap the speeds(edit: based on what you are saying). I’ll ask someone to try it out.


Damn,Safaricom making moves like this is just helping them destroy the competition before it even starts…1TB Data cap is typically “Unlimited” coz unless you are running a server farm or torrenting games for sale,i think thats a lot of data right there,on my home fibre i barely reach 200GB a month and i still stream and game a lot with it…


Now this is worth considering


Uncapped? 1TB? :confetti_ball: Sounds interesting. Do you have numbers collected over a period to add to this? The speeds would vary between areas so curious where and when the tests were done.

Currently using Telkom Night Owl in Ruai, downloading 5GB per hour using a single link. Tests with Safcon 4G go as high as 20Mbps so the 1TB at constant download would optimally be exhausted in just under 5 days.

If there is a big box available for testing, I am open to joining the testers. Would test on a Sunday as it’s when all networks here are slowest (more people at home?)


Guys on this plan kindly do more tests we confirm before we decide kuvuka, after all this is Safaricon we talking about tunaeza geuziwa overnight :joy: