Safaricom Customer Care


Conspiracy Theory Time. I think Safaricom gives some sort of score to every subscriber based on their spend(Mpesa, Airtime etc). They then use this score to determine how fast you get connected to an agent when you dial their customer care line( & maybe, a very strong maybe, that score determines how well you get served once you’re connected). I know for a fact this happens with banks but I have a feeling Saf might be doing the same.


You not the first person to state so. Someone said the same to me many years ago. Could be true. Personally, I prefer doing my customer care queries via Twitter.


this is true. Big spenders get connected instantly.


This is actually a common thing. In the mobile gaming industry, games with in-app purchases prioritize high spenders.

Some banks have a separate customer care unit for VIP customers.


I saw the same at Airtel shop Koinange street, there’s a customer care for VIPs


Wanyama wote ni sawa… lakini wanyama wengine ni sawa kuliko wengine


This has been happening for long. It’s not just on how much you spend on their network but who you are. A good example, if @martingicheru has a problem with Safaricom, the service he will get is totally different from what a random person would get. They know Martin and what he does, thus he is given priority.

This is what data has enabled companies to do.

On the other hand, high profile people kama kina Martin can never win in promos. So it cuts both ways, I guess.


Juzi juzi nilishinda airtime worth 20 in the Shinda Ma-mili na Tunukiwa promo.

Take that @martingicheru


Way to make me feel that I’m not missing out.


:joy::joy::joy: wow! Congratulations on your win


I left Karibu postpay sometime back, do they still give postpay customers priority when calling 200?


I don’t think it’s true. Used to spend 1k per month post paid and dialling 200 before iitane hukua imeshikwa. Dropped post paid nikarudi kawaida and I use nearly 3 times that per month and nikitwanga 100 ni shida tupu. I think last simu ya 100 ilishikwa vile nilipiga was in 2012 huko.

However, I find this true juu shida zote za Safaricom before it affects the majority of customers huanza na line yangu :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I remember kitambo I could complain of something today and 3 days later it’s a major glitch to all customers. So that’s how they got wind of it. Nikisema ngwee, tech team pap hata si CC.


The only thing I think that works is if you request them to call you via 100 prompt. Though on emergency cases is a dead end option


Hio ni kurogwa :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well,i have noticed my safcom customer service calls go through so fast especially to customer reps,it got me thinking maybe i got some rating that helps prioritize my calls over others.


Serious my line hukua unique :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Labda we ni beta tester na hujui :grinning::grinning: