Safaricom App Requires Bundles to Function?


Hmmm. This would be interesting. We will just have to wait until end of July to see what the “new and improved” M-Pesa will bring on board.


On the contrary my friend you do need your equitel sim card inserted in your phone on initial setup of the app. Just this morning i assisted a colleague to download & install her eazzypay app on her phone and on inputing her equitel number and password the app sent an authorization code to the sim card (of which she didn’t have it on her at the time) There is no textbox to manually input the code as the app is busy processing looking for the code sent to the sim. This is where you get stuck.

After the initial setup is when you can remove your equitel sim and use the app without the sim for good. (provided you do not format your phone or uninstall the app of which you will need to insert your equitel sim card again to re-register the app)


Nope you don’t need to even have an equitel line after reading the first comments I decide to try it on my Safaricom locked phone single Sim
I have an account with equity, I chose the ATM card option in the registration, ie the card number, the account number and the card pin,
I entered my Saf number and they sent the code whci the app read and verified then after this they sent me a pin number and now I can access my account from both my equitel line in another phone and my safaricom phone
NB I must state that I gave equitel my safaricom number when I opened the account a few years ago so it’s in their system and I am not sure it would work with a number not in their system.


In other news, that Equitel App needs an update. Ime maliza 7 months playstore na hukuna update. I once recorded a screencast to show them some bugs I had identified with the App and they promised to make a fix. That was last year December and up to date, no update on the app.


It is no longer needed. I am using the app and I have never owned an Equitel Line.

You can use your debit card to activate the app as @kiharajon has mentioned. They will send you a verification text to the number you submitted at the bank.



I do exactly what @Krizwech does with my Equitel Eazzy Banking App. I just insert the Equitel SIM card for the first login after reinstalling the app. The Equitel SIM card must be in the phone because the app needs to detect the text message with the authentication code. Once it’s set up you can remove the Equitel SIM and use the app whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi or any mobile data network. I’m sure it can even work on Wi-Fi alone without any SIM card in the phone but haven’t (don’t need to) tried that yet. What @Trey said also works. This is how mobile banking should be - - absolute flexibility without stupid restrictions. I think Safaricom is too heavy-handed dictating how you can use their app. If they’re worried about packet sniffing they should just use a secure connection over https:// and end-to-end encryption.

IMO their motive for this restriction is more sinister than you’d expect. They don’t want anyone ever removing their Safaricom SIM to go spend money on a competing network - I see them for what they truly are. That’s why I don’t use any of their services. Monopolies like these should not exist because what now seems to be a blissful relationship won’t last once the competition is snuffed out. At that time you’ll have no alternative but to take whatever they decide to give you. Just look at what Amazon is doing in America. They’re forcing EVERYONE to be an Amazon Prime member just to be able to keep using their platform and nobody can do jack about it because they have bought out all competitors.


I have just realized I have never heard anyone really complain about Amazon Prime. The only ‘negative’ thing I have heard is maybe the delivery gets delayed by a day.

A Prime Membership gets you so much stuff (For US Residents)

In case you’d like to discuss this, feel free to PM me. Let’s not go off-topic.