Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung, I'd tap that


The note 7, unashamedly has been the first Samsung Device I fell in love with. I hope the pricing will be reasonable.


Around 60k? Is that reasonable enough?


Too much in my opinion… Maybe around half the price.


Then you won’t be getting it.


$799…!!! Samsung is out of their damn mind… Fools Edition indeed…


If a Samsung fanboy won’t buy it, then who will?


Unfortunately it’s out of my budget :pensive::pensive:


Actually these are brand new devices and not refurbished. All the used Galaxy Note 7s will be recycled. These Note 7 FE are brand new devices that were either in stores waiting for a buyer, in the warehouse waiting to be shipped, or newly manufactured from the components that were already made and just waiting to be assembled. So all they did was change the batteries and software.


The Galaxy S8 has spoiled me, I nolonger want a device with a front home button. Other devices had a good implementation, like the Huaweis and I’ve used a few, but it’s Galaxy S8 putting it back that did it. I feel awkward using the front home button on the Galaxy A5 2016.


It’s about time you gave up on that A5 now Martin.


you’d be lucky to makw it past 5hrs of SOT


If you want to get over 5 hours screen on time as a power user, I’d recommend getting a phone with at least a 4,000 mAh battery and big companies like Sammy don’t put huge batteries in their phones. I’d recommend Xiaomi phones if you’re willing to take a leap.


This thing is sold out :frowning::frowning::frowning:


This estimate from me was too conservative. I get about 5 hours screen on time with 2 hours of that being hardcore 3D gaming and my battery is just 3250 mAh. And it’s a cheap Chinese phone with a Mediatek SoC. Im sure the longevity would be much better with a Qualcomm SoC so I must revise my estimate down. I think any 5.5-inch screen phone that is properly optimized should give you over 5 hours SoT with a 3000 mAh battery. I have to disclose, though, that i do not use any ap that’s constantly updating data like FB or Twitter and i ise servicely to sleep any misbehaving services that don’t help me for shit.