Redmi 5 Plus 3 Day Mini Review


I wouldn’t judge him. One year ago I would swear there’s no way I can use a Samsung device. Well, I have had Samsungs as my daily drivers since October last year. So, MIUI is actually loveable.


Samsung experience (8.5) is not that far off… And at least it has a unique way of doing things. It has an app drawer, not iPhone like battery and icon looks etc. I use it and I like it. MIUI on the other hand, I have redmi note 4 with version 9.5 and I still hate it. I still keep the device (with stock miui rom) to see what’s new and if they are improving (plus trolling Lei Jun posts on forums :joy::joy:)


Yes in the Tecno life you have to restart when the phone freezes


I hate Samsung experience. Probably my least favorite of all the overlays. I like MIUI because of the million plus features and settings to discover everyday. I also find stock android quite boring unless it’s in a pixels body which my wallet had strong feelings about.


You should try stock Android in Nokia’s body. You’ll love it.


I wanted to but the phone I could afford at the time nokia 6 has limited battery life and I mostly work in the field, NGO life. The 7 plus 2019 version is definitely my next phone.


No! :neutral_face:


Problems with Nokia?


Why you saying no?


i have seen the redmi note 5 on gsmrena with band 28 shida ni it is a taiwan model getting it will be a problem


A very big problem just buying a faiba modem/mifi and the Kenyan version seems waay simpler