Redmi 5 Plus 3 Day Mini Review


The specs they have listed are for the Chinese version of the phone.


You know tou can switch the phone versions on GSMArena? Just look closely above the network information


I have seen that wallpaper ya Lappy and am smiling we can be good friends


I did, nothing about Band 20. I could be checking out the wrong phone.



I don’t think gsmarena lists all specs regarding network bands… Same case they say Samsung a7 2017 has LTE-A support but it doesn’t.


The best confirmation is I am getting Safaricom and Telkom 4G. Gsmarena misses alot of information. Just buy from Xiaomi or their official reseller like Anisuma electronics.


Anisuma sells Xiaomi? Learning new stuff everyday on this forum.


They had that on their official Kenya account. I passed by they had the redmi 5A and the Redmi note 4, 4GB 64GB version at 22k. They only sell the official phones.


when it comes to checking different variants and models i use they give all models available for every region and the bands it supports



Turns out it is pre-order. Means it is yet to hit the market.

Heading over to Reddit(yeah, thanks to the forum, i’m following Xiaomi subreddit) , this is what they had to say.

Technically the global hardware version doesn’t exist yet which is why you can’t find the info.
It’s expected to be announced April 18 as posted by Xiaomi Indonesia yesterday.
It’s very likely that the global hardware version will be based on the Chinese version.
The reason you don’t buy one yet is because buying the Chinese version and flashing a global rom onto it won’t necessarily work with the mobile networks in your location/country.
Band 20 is mostly used in Europe and it isn’t available in the versions that exist at the moment (China and India).
If you’re thinking “hang on a minute, I see them on AliExpress!” They’re preorders and they’re guessing on the specs. No one knows until it’s released. That’s why delivery is after mid May. Once it’s released they need to buy their own stock before reselling it to you.
Personally I’m hoping for band 28.


We are talking about the redmi 5 plus global which is already out and in peoples hands.

It does appear there is a lot of confusion about the naming though. What gearbest has as the redmi note 5 global is what gsmarena and everyone else is calling the redmi note 5 pro. Some differences from the redmi note 5/ 5plus is the pro has a snapdragon 636 and dual primary cameras and an improved front camera.

You and me both, but I don’t think it will.


Band 28 or band 20??


I have never heard of any Xiaomi device in Kenya which doesnt support band 20, regardless of gsmarena not mentioning it. The only frequency global versions dont support is 700mHz/ band 28.


All the devices they sell in Kenya have band 20. The problem is band 28 for Faiba 4G, although its only a problem if you live in a location with Faiba network.


Yeah. They don’t make noise(Ads) about them


how is the experience with phone so far


My best phone ever, though I have not been through much but here are some pointers:

  1. You cant kill the battery in one day. I tried to one saturday, used data all day on 2G and 3G. I hit 10 hours SOT at 3% having used the phone non stop from 7.00 am to 1.00 pm. On most days I average 5 Hours SOT at 45% by the time I get home 9.00pm in the evening.
  2. The screen is really good for the price range with very decent blacks.
  3. The selfie camera is not good enough, the back camera is quite good.
  4. The software is very refined. I have restarted the phone only twice in the last month. I have also fallen in love with MIUI. It has countless features. The notifications problems was solved by MIUI 9.5. i have gotten 2 updates so far.
  5. The speakers are excellent both the earpiece and the main speaker. The audio out is quite loud and clear.
  6. Its very well built. I have dropped it twice and did not break anything.
  7. 3D games are quite playable though I am not a gamer.

To sum it up I would buy it again, not the 32GB version though. If anyone has deep pockets and was looking for a second phone this would be perfect. Any person in this forum looking for a standalone phone under 29k then this is a good option. (Past 29k the redmi note 5 pro is incoming and is a better option. This phone should not be recommended to a slay queen/king. The selfie camera would break their heart.

any questions on other aspects am more than willing to answer


Did you have to restart due to a software issue?


What? Am donating my eyes… there is nothing left in this world for me to see…:joy::joy::joy: How do you love a skin so far away from stock android? I mean, it has good features but they can be implemented in a decent UI… in my opinion.