Quartz Heaters/infrared Heaters. Anyone using them?


I want to purchase the infrared/quartz heater. I have read reviews online that it has great benefits. Anyone using one? Planning to buy one this week. Please share your experience if you have one. Here is my pick


Bibi alitoroka?

I currently have a simple Armco heater, works well enough. Should be around 3k.


Hapana :joy::joy::joy:

Kuna pahali nimehamia hapa 87 waiyaki way it feels like an extension of Kinangop. It’s on the wind ward side ya mlima. Ile baridi inapuliza hii place si ya mchezo.


I don’t know what humidifier represents in that Hotpoint heater, but I’ve heard that my type makes the air so dry and that is not a good thing.


Had to go to class in YouTube to know what it does. Traditional heaters heat air (and oxygen). So the hot air can cause a number of issues. Dry skin na ku feel unapumua hewa moto.

Hii ya infrared inatoa heat kama ya jua minus UV rays. So it does not heat any air. Instead it heats surfaces. The heat also penetrates walls kama tu ya jua.

Kwanza heat penetration on walls and surfaces ndiyo imefanya naidai. Less than two weeks kwa house and dump and moulds zimetokea. Chewing furniture kwanza and walls are damn cold you can spot unyevu kwa ukuta at times :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

I need a temporary solution as I plan to move out end of next month.

Here is an explanation of what the infrared heaters do. Picked this up from a model yenye Carrefour had posted and found description on some dated Jumia listing on some third party site


Thanks for educating us in the process.


You might want to look at gas heaters. Work like infrared heaters but without the cost of KPLC


Don’t gas heaters burn the oxygen in the room?


Electricity bill vs oxygen

Yes they do and release a host of other pollutants.