; scam? legit? Share experiences, if any


Hahaha, eti by the show of tears…


Anyone who was keen enough with the model would have easily identified the miss in the whole business. For instance, you don’t actually view the adds, just touching a picture art of sth and you are said to have viewed the ads.


By the way were the ads real say from big firms or promoting games or apps? Has it gone down or are guys still hopeful surely by now no one is paying up so no revenue


They must have been, same way other types of malware feed you real ads. So they must have made money from that and of course users.


Not really. I clicked one in my test account and it kept redirecting me in useless cycles.


So how have things been like @Nyambura and @NoelleKosy? Did you cash out enough?


She covers publiclikes well in this video.


We didn’t hear the end of this from the advocates and investors in Publiclikes, we need closure.


Cash drank water,some members here who were pro it have not been heard from since,guys seem to have accepted and moved on.


Lol,Gullible investors got burnt unfortunately…


I can’t tell you how damn close I was to falling for publiclikes!