; scam? legit? Share experiences, if any


I’d advice you to take it as a gamble. You either lose or win. Great risks come with big returns. As I said earlier, I don’t know how long this will be sustainable (though clixsense has been around since 2007 and uses the same model)


I shall consider what you said.


I usually take things said by new members with a pinch of salt. And @NoelleKosy here joined ten hours ago. Not invalidating what they said, but just consuming loads of sodium chloride.


Iwe ni scam ama ni legit. I think if you pay 4500 for your account and within 20 days u have made 5k then you have your return on investment already. Hizo zingine ni pesa za bure for doing practically nothing which most people will end up spending on silly things so lets wait and see but lemme enjoy the ride.


Power to you!


Haha Martin, just being honest. :smirk:


No seriously, my point is you go ahead and do that. I’ll be here cheering you whatever the outcome.


Alright, will do.


:confused::confused::confused::relieved: Mtaamka siku Moja mpate wamefunga, it’s just a pyramid scheme, the first people make money then when many people join BOOM your cash has drank water


Kabla wafunge wacha tujibambe tu nayo. Of course wanataka as many members as they can get, so as NoelleKosy said its a gamble. Its never that serious


I think the new people praising it are here for damage control. Anyways power to anyone who thinks it is legitimate.


Just picked this up from Buyer Beware. Well…it’s officially a SCAM.


I pity the microwave generation, instead of using their God given talents or earthly acquired skills a majority just sit back and jump on any ‘get rich quick’ schemes that comes their way and public likes is not the only one out there, akili yako ndio hustle yako. In this Nairobi you can easily make 2,000/- a day on a bad day in your area of expertise. You just have to believe in yourself and use whatever naturally comes to you.


Unless am cursed. Am forever not buying into this things. Con companies




:joy::joy::joy::joy: watu ama should I call them investors wanaumia.


hahahaha too funny


I came here just in time to watch it unfold. By a show of tears, who here is a member of Public Likes?


i knew this thing was a scam…


I had my doubts from the start when a pal invited and asked me to join i rejected it from the start