PS4 or Xbox One,Local Context,Your Thoughts?




For the free games I’d actually say it’s worth paying for it.

Played Spiderman?


Anybody using a jailbroken ps4? Thinking of getting one to play some single player exclusives like God of War. Not interested in any online ps4 gaming for now.


JailBroken PS4. Not anytime soon. But sometime back there was some exploit (Brazil) that only worked for some Old System Versions



I haven’t jail broken mine because I don’t think I need to. I buy games online when they’re crazy discounted - Like the upcoming Cyber Monday when games are up to 90% off - and I backup all my saves + trophy data online, those last 2 are too important to risk jail breaking and have my account banned.


Yes there are some tradeoffs to a jailbroken ps4 but if it’s not your main gaming console then they are quite acceptable. Plus however discounted games are you can’t beat the price of free. The problem is getting a ps4 with firmware 5.05.


Paypal refuses to buy PSN Plus subscription hapa Kenya sijui kwanini. As for spiderman i have been hearing great reviews about it. During the weekend when PSN Plus was free i couldn’t purchase it coz Paypal still couldn’t process my payment juu niko Kenya na my subscribed country is Florida smh


Hizi unatoa wapi? nipe link i go and purchase from there


To use PayPal with PSN your PayPal account Details should match your PSN Details to the Dot …


Amesema hapo kwa hiyo sentence tu. Amazon.


hiyo ilinipita i was scrolling at night just before bed. wacha nichangamke


you could try cdkeys: or G2A: and if you’re using paypal you set it to always pay using balance