PS4 or Xbox One,Local Context,Your Thoughts?



for me,it worked on FIFA 17 and NFS Rivals…


Lucky you, for me it refused, it keeps redirecting me back to the plus payment screen.


Well depends on which region exactly you’re in. Stores like game changers stock UAE and US psn cards while it isn’t all that difficult to get SA and UK game cards as well from online third party vendors.
It’s also worth getting the psn subscription apart from playing multiplayer and online, you get 3 free games each month and deals and offers on new games upto 30% off. I remember last year I got 2k17 for free courtesy of this.


i set my region as SA and its been working,it ends today


I can get you the SA psn cards, otherwise I know of a broker who you can go get a physical psn card from near archives.


how much are the SA PSN cards?


I’m doomed, mine is set to Florida. And i can’t see myself subscribing a fresh account coz my current account has years of game trophies and achievements plus my username is unique only to me (my digital online footprint)


No need for a new account.

I have a US Amazon account which I use to buy PSN gift cards or digital game codes. Works really well so far have no regrets the last 7 years.

If you don’t have a PS4 Pro or XBOX ONE S/X now is a great time to buy because of all the Black Friday deals. Amazon has consoles at 20K and games at 2K. Buy a 2TB SSHD for 14K and swap out the factory issue one BEFORE you even turn on your new console to make everything easier and to skip all the storage trouble in future

PS4 Games are cheapest if you wait a few months or during deal seasons like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day. I prefer digital downloads because overall game speed is faster due to loading and you can easily download in the event of disaster.

When buying a console, there are online guides that show you how to swap the onboard 1TB for a 2TB SSHD version - here’s one example:

The PS4 Pro can’t take traditional 3.5" drives so you need a 2.5" that’s no thicker than 9 millimetres. The original PS4 supports 16TB of storage via both internal and external drives. You may think this is overkill but given the average game is 40GB and the average gamer will play almost 50 games on their console generations lifetime these can add up pretty quickly (No one here can be considered an average gamer, not with some people downloading 1TB a month :eyes:)

XBOX has better support for external drives and you can use the WD USB 3.0 4TB Passport drive to compliment the 2TB that you’ll have swapped internally. Their migration is much easier to do than Sony’s. XBOX ONE X’s 4K HDR gaming means minimum 100GB per game so additional space is required.

When it comes to online content, it’s offerings vs online experience. XBOX Live Gold has more value for money in my opinion. The $60 for PSN feels overpriced and after that $10 price increase in 2015/2016 the free games are borderline rubbish. Then there’s most users owning a Windows 10 machine and the cross platform play - play games from your Xbox on the PC via the internet, with continuous play when you get back to console - and suddenly you don’t need an overpowered gaming laptop.

When outright buying the physical game disks, it’s a contest between Diamond Plaza retailers and Vivid Gold. I don’t recommend town people as some sell faulty disks so the hassle is unwarranted.

Want to try games before you commit to buying them? There are gaming lounges like The Score Gaming Lounge in Kenya cinema that lets you play a game to have a feel before committing to a purchase. They charge 180/- per hour

Find them here:

If 180 is a but much for you, there’s pickndropkenya where you can rent consoles at KES 300 a day or games at KES 25 a day (that’s right. 25 bob a day. Same price as a quality chapo or cheaper than soda)

Imagine finishing the COD or Battlefield single player campaign (they take 6 hours on veteran mode) and it only costs you 25 bob per game :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

(I havent found anyone who lets you rent sports games like FIFA or NBA because peoples just dont return them)

Find them here:


the idea of renting a game sounds good btw.


hmmm didn’t know that, will give those places a try this weekend


Well the prices are standard all around. But you better get the black friday deals. psn 12 months which normally costs around 5500 is down to 3500


I have been watching this thread and cannot believe how expensive playing games on a console has become. Thank God I am no longer an avid gamer as I used to be back when chipping consoles was as easy as buying chips mwitu on the road side. Back then people didn’t care much about online multi player because they had actual physical interaction with friends and could easily organize an offline multi player contest (still happens in most universities.) That time all you needed was a chipped console and cheap games where you’d practice at home/hostel to sharpen your skills for these events.

Siku hizi everyone is getting pulled into the digital lifestyle which is making them more disconnected from their friends and costing them arms and legs to maintain the lifestyle.

There is a study conducted by a certain university that concluded today’s youth have more friends than ever before but they are the loneliest bunch compared to any other previous generation. Suicidal tendencies and many horrible thoughts have increased significantly because of this self-imposed isolation.

That’s what the digital revolution is doing to us. Very soon tons of people will not be able to do a thing without posting it somewhere in the virtual world. All this does is push them further and further away from reality and soon they get ‘zombified’ because their digital overlords dictate everything they do and they gladly follow because they think chasing the trend is all that matters. They don’t realize how much of what they see online is fake and yet cede control of their free will to an ethos that is created by super-intelligent individuals with a far more sinister motive than their overloaded minds can conceive.

I’m sorry for painting a picture as grim as this but it is the unfortunate reality. The more any person allows his/her decisions to be dictated by a collective, the more they give up the right to shape their own destiny (yeah, I do believe that’s a thing, do you?)


man,i feel you on this…I used to love split screen and LAN play games coz they always get guys seated together playing in the same room,one of the few reasons why FIFA,blur and Call of duty MW are some of the most popular games locally.Mtu anakuja na laptop yake,you just host a LAN party at someones digz and play away.The gaming lounges in tao are a thriving biz locally esp with FIFA hadi zinaexpand imagine na these lounges have become social hangout spots for younger folks.Online play is still niche in kenya but its growing.


i was thinking of opening such biz gaming lounge near my former colle but iko ocha i dont know how will be the reaction there . i thought about it is good business idea ROI is good but its also captial intensive venture like 500k


500K ni overkill kama ni ocha. 200K is more than enough.


si i cant start with ps3 before upgrading to ps4


I feel like quoting this in my research paper, damn on point!


What I don’t like about PS4 is PSN…
To play multiplayer for Most games you need to pay a premium, sometimes more than the price of most new games.
The same game can be played on PC for free -Multiplayer
I mean isn’t the 5k you are paying sufficient to maintain the servers…?!
Play Station are just some greedy extortionists


It’s not about the servers. Follow the money. Simple business decision really. Sell subsidized consoles or full cost upfront ala PC. Pros > Lock in profits from the get-go from the money you make from ongoing subscriptions over the life of a console (around 6 years), higher priced games, people willing to pay for exclusives, less piracy etc. Plus selling them subsidized and easy to use makes it so you have a larger market than those PC Master race nerds. As an extra make the next generation incompatible with the previous one and have an army waiting to buy your new console on day one.

It’s a shareholder’s wet dream.


Just noticed PSN Plus is free for two days only, sema weekend kushika :grin: