Pre-Paid Cards With Web Portal Card Management


A multi-currency card like what @Satoshi mentioned is an excellent idea. I usually have a single card for all transactions but I realize how much I could save if only I could avoid fx fees. Now I’m definitely going to get a second card mainly to pay for imports. Is there a better option between the NIC and I&M cards. Also is the 500 bob a one time payment or a recurring one?


I think NIC Bank is the best. There are no restrictions on which browser you are required to use unlike I&M’s and Barclay’s cards that insist on using Internet Explorer.

The 500bob is a one time payment for purchasing the card or obtaining a new one upon expiry (485bob) or loss of the card (500bob).

NIC Bank sms alerts are free, for I&M’s each sms alert costs 5bob.

I think I’m going to get one and use it for trading in USD.

@Satoshi thanks


Thanks. It’ll be my first choice.


Let me start another topic about this