Pre-Paid Cards With Web Portal Card Management


A multi-currency card like what @Satoshi mentioned is an excellent idea. I usually have a single card for all transactions but I realize how much I could save if only I could avoid fx fees. Now I’m definitely going to get a second card mainly to pay for imports. Is there a better option between the NIC and I&M cards. Also is the 500 bob a one time payment or a recurring one?


I think NIC Bank is the best. There are no restrictions on which browser you are required to use unlike I&M’s and Barclay’s cards that insist on using Internet Explorer.

The 500bob is a one time payment for purchasing the card or obtaining a new one upon expiry (485bob) or loss of the card (500bob).

NIC Bank sms alerts are free, for I&M’s each sms alert costs 5bob.

I think I’m going to get one and use it for trading in USD.

@Satoshi thanks


Thanks. It’ll be my first choice.


Let me start another topic about this


So after the Paypal-Mpesa deal came through some ka-demon told me to destroy my debit card. Hivi majuzi I wanted to pay for something kwa NET only to be told that the merchant supports cards only. No Paypal/Skrill.

I was forced to go get a Debit Card. Nikakumbuka CBA Loop. Nikaenda huko looking shaggy kama mbwa ya mtaa.

Kufika huko sijui wakathania nime lala njaa wiki mzima ama. They offered me juice/coffee/etc

Nikajiseti waiting to be served. 2 minutes kwa queue (2 people ahead of me) nikapewa card.

Kidogo kidogo nikapewa free ticket ya sijui Koffi Diffao ama ni Conque Delegance…

It was an awesome experience.


Sasa unapanga aje na hiyo ticket, since it’s clear haja yako ni online shopping?


hahaha hapo umegonga ndipo. Nimepea sister amasema ataenda ku slay huko. At least Obado won’t take her. :joy::joy::joy:


Multicurrency-Brochure.pdf (1.3 MB)
The I&M Multicurrency prepaid card is damn expensive and it becomes total reap off when they charge for SMS alerts, unlike NIC card the I&M carries 3 international currencies ie GBP, Euros and Us dollars whereas the Nic card carries GBP, US dollars and kenya shillings .


Someone told me a hack recently, about getting better prices from international stores in Nairobi when you shop with foreign currency. This is not for those who’s money stays with them for a max of one week (it’s a lady, those ones save a lot), you buy Euros or dollars and load them to the card, then when shopping you ask to be given the foreign currency equivalent, and it will almost always be cheaper.

Question: What is the science?


For me CBA Loop still remains the better option when it comes to online transactions and web portal management. The app is a definite bonus.


Yes, it’s a shame since their web portal is much better than NIC’s bare bones one. The SMS alerts are optional though, you can disable them in the portal. I’ve seen some chatter on the interwebs about how the NIC multicurrency is poor in some areas but will confirm and get back.

Hehe it’s financial science. If you buy with local currency, behind the scenes your bank converts it to foreign currency at their marked up rate and that’s what the store gets. So it will always be more expensive compared to loaded forex since it’s just sent as it is no conversion.

btw has anyone noticed on google play, apps that are 1$ USD usually are now 200 KES since they started charging in kenya shillings. I wonder what science that is.




I don’t think that’s it. Transaction fees are not new, they’ve have been 30% for a long time. Before If I bought an app for 1$, Google still made .3$ and the dev .7$. Now the app costs more for me in Kenya so Google takes 60 bob and the dev makes 140 bob. Meanwhile, the same app is still 1$ elsewhere so both Google and the dev are making double from poor me :thinking:

Here’s an example.



Guess this makes a case for dollar based credit/debit cards if the use case is big,


Could it be there is added tax here in Kenya that we don’t know about? Does downloading from the playstore count as OTT? :thinking: