Posta to Become Amazon Logistics Partner


Perhaps we need clarification here. Those are import fees and not Taxes. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Guys you need to use KRA’s tax calculation portal… Nowadays tax on imported goods is almost half of the product’s price (or more). Na bado hujalipa shipping.

I don’t think posta will offer any benefit over other small players like mall for Africa etc… Especially if they will pay taxes accordingly.


This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Posta is a national government institution. They can undercut the competition on shipping fees and taxation. The incentive is on them.


Let’s wait and see how they will do it…


On shipping and taxation, they already can. Implementation is what matters.


i dont trust post, the government just see them as another tax collection parastatal.


If the government lowers taxes on posta shipping, they will have to do the same on DHL, to remain impartial.

Most likely, they will not consider tax cuts, not on this economy. Their marketing campaign will be focused on Mpost (their service where you register your phone number as an address…), And fast delivery like DHL.


So there is nothing revolutionary about the posta kenya and amazon partnership lol


Hiyo story ya tax umeipiga chenga tu hivyo :smile:


Implying that these other guys don’t go through customs :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It’s a business. The state can undercut the competition on fees alone. Also Posta already has a bigger nationwide network than anyone else


Just for the record, Posta is in a better position to partner up with KRA and KPA compared to any other importer.

If properly implemented then this system can even easily kill off Jumia and the likes.


I agree with you they have the network. What I don’t think they can do is undertax people importing via posta… Cuz that would create unfairness in public private sector.

What they can lower is other fees that are not tax. And so can DHL… And we the consumers benefit.


If they were unfair then they could simply ban DHL and the likes.They are government after all.

Efficiency is what we are after. That’s why I shop with the Somalis in Eastleigh.


lol wali sema that tax is included in the service fee. I did not ask more questions


Hapa sielewi, what is the $35 for? I thought all this companies just charged a flat rate based on the weight.


Its just an overall fee. I think the 35 helps them make money when you buy something that isn’t heavy like makeup or even a phone