[POLL] How often do you buy a new phone?


Sadly that’s true but I’d still rather have a stunning looking phone than worry all the time about it’s durability. After all, if you break your phone’s screen there’s no one else you can blame but yourself. At least companies are spending tons of money in R&D to make sure their phones survive in the hands of the most clumsy customers.

I know of a few phones made of titanium and they are from Chinese companies you’ve never heard of. Why do big companies make it seem like titanium is so rare?


The only phones I have seen made out of Titanium are those custom smartphones that cost over $10,000.


Since 2014, if you are referring to when the Sharp Aquos was released.


Bought this phone when my older one started misbehaving. Served me well, liked it actually. Insane battery life.


Yeah, my bad. And these Chinese companies use alloys -not pure titanium- for their phones. I’ve seen a $120 phone claiming to have a titanium alloy chassis - maybe it’s 1% titanium and 99% other metals. The pure titanium phones cost upwards of $8,000