[POLL] How often do you buy a new phone?


Woi Teri. Hahahah. Personal experience naona.


You install Lineage OS or any other Custom ROM.


Na kama ni Tecno ¯_(ツ)_/¯


@sarunibm Yes I do. Sorry for the late reply. I actually had to wait for 3 hours to reply your message


TECNOs are cheap, just buy another one with newer software.


I guess I can’t disagree with you now. :slight_smile:


There is sense in him seeing no sense - - he lives from paycheck to paycheck and doesn’t see the big picture. As far as he is concerned, spending about 20% of his paycheck is okay because he gets them every month, right? However he doesn’t see that if he spent 50% of his salary on a phone, he probably won’t need to buy another one for about a year - that’s a lot of untouched paychecks and ultimately more savings :scream::raised_hands:


Unfortunately, nilijaribu but akaona my idea is unfounded. But then again, I had a chance to interact with his workmates and understood the whole ordeal. Nikama wako affected na peer pressure despite being aged past 30 years. They only talk about phones na unapata mtu ako na two or more phones and iko kama wako na competition.

Unaskia tu they are arguing vile nani atanunua simu kali kushinda mwingine, na vile huyo mwingine ata upgrade pia.
:fearful: :fearful::fearful:


OMG😱 Peer pressure at that age?! They need to be more anchored than that. As one wise man said, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.


Mimi nakuambia hiyo hayo hehe hata dawa haiwezi saidia. :joy: :joy::joy::joy:


Does safaricom still have the postpaid package where you get an expensive device bundledin at a monthly fee, a good way to get an expensive phone, what other ways can you get a good phone without breaking the bank I know equity bank has a plan but at 2,500 per month it means you get a phone worth less than 30k.


Safaricom killed that offer, but the latest kid on the block is Lipa Later


Haha that was my first colour phone too. Damn I used to type message without looking when Kanjos were damn bad about texting when crossing the road.


I think i’ve bought a phone every year since 2010 but i bought an Infinix Hot 2 X510 Back in 2015 & surprisngly, It still serves me. Haven’t bought another one ever since


Wow. Seriously?


For those who like to be on the bleeding edge, here are two completely bezel-less phone that Sharp is about to launch. Sharp started the bezel-less era with the Aquos and it’s good to see them upping the ante. I think the phones look fantastic. They actually make the S8+ look grotesque.


Sony is also set to launch a truly bezelless device on August 31 just before IFA kicks off. Looking forward to it.


Woi, hizi zikianguka kwisha,

Being a Sony fanboy i also can’t wait man


Umm… Not quite. I believe they’ll use gorilla glass 5 and something like titanium for the metal that protects the screen if it hits the ground with the edge. I don’t think this phone will be fragile at all. Sharp has had since 2015 to perfect this kind of design - I’m sure they’ve done it.


It really doesn’t matter what Gorilla Glass they use. If the phone hits the ground at the edge, the screen will not survive. I think this is what @Krizwech is trying to say.

The Essential Phone is probably the only phone, at the moment, that can survive an edge hit. It is made out of Titanium, the same metal used to “build rockets and replace bones”.