Pocophone F1 Almost Won MKBHD's Camera Blind Test - Wait, What?


where did you buy it


I’ve called this guys, unfortunately they don’t have it in stock. They say it will be available next week Thursday. Bummer!!


Whose birthday was it?


Obviously ni Kunguru…


From Xiaomi when they were selling it locally…


Ya msee tu


Can I advise everyone to not buy 2018 phones if they like better aesthetics of the devices…? The current design of punched hole cameras is going to remain for sometime.

You will be looking at the 2018 notch and wonder why you didn’t wait. People don’t hate the 2019 design though :grin:… At least I don’t. And I doubt we will eliminate the front facing camera any time soon.


finally got the 128gb varient on 10th January. This phone is just amazing. Performance and battery life are just out of this world.