Physicist Stephen Hawking dies at age 76


I don’t know much about Stephen Hawking but i figure he has contributed quite a bit to science for him to be recognized. I’m creating this thread for anyone who might enlighten us more on some of his inventions, achievements etc. Personally I was fascinated by his highly adapted wheelchair and his ability to communicate via a small sensor which was activated by a muscle in his cheek. He uses this sensor to ‘type’ characters and numbers on his keyboard. Here’s a brief video by Nick Higham looking back at Professor Stephen Hawking’s life.


he’s a good guy. he helped me understand that universe haina mipaka :joy::joy: which I still doubt by the way… may he RIP.


Techweez had done a brief story on his life, highlighting some of his achievements and milestones:

I intentionally skipped his personal life, i.e., marriage and kids.


And his appearance on Big Bang Theory.


I know him from watching The Big Bang Theory :blush:


There’s also a movie about him - The Theory of Everything (2014)


This I have watched. Great movie, moving.


This I mentioned. I think it is the only way I interaacted with him.