PesaWise - Transaction Fee Calculator



Hey guys,

I released PesaWise a few days ago. The app allows you to calculate and compare transaction charges from several Kenyan services.

  1. Mobile Banking
    ▸ M-PESA Transfers, Withdrawals & Agent Commissions.
    ▸ Airtel Money.
    ▸ Telkom Kash. (T-Kash)

  2. Equity Bank/Eazzy Banking
    ▸ Equity to M-PESA.
    ▸ Cash Withdrawals.
    ▸ PayPal to Equity Account (Exchange Rate is updated daily)

  3. PesaLink
    ▸ Kenya Commercial Bank. (KCB)
    ▸ Equity Bank.
    ▸ Co-operative Bank. (Co-op)
    ▸ Stanbic Bank.
    ▸ Standard Chartered.
    ▸ Bank Of Africa. (BOA)
    ▸ Diamond Trust Bank. (DTB)

  4. Other services
    ▸ Treasury Bills (Average Interest Rates are updated after every auction)

This is just the first version and I intend to improve it and add new services over time.


The app contains ads. There is a banner ad that appears at the bottom of each page. There is also an interstitial ad (Full-page ad) that appears after every 2.5 minutes when navigating to the menu.

The full-page ad will NEVER appear ukifanya hesabu yako.

Support & Feedback

If you spot any bugs, incorrect information or even typos, feel free to reply to this post or email me support[at]

Feature requests are also welcome.

Download Links

If you think you might find this useful, here are the link(s)

Android -

iOS - :blush:


Nice. Acha nitafte an Android I try this out


Great app. Mimi naomba tu user interface irembeshwe kidogo.


Anything specific?


Your Treasury Bills calculator is not yet complete. Compare with what’s on the CBK website.


Quick review:

App is defaulting on Mpesa, like others are not equal principals within Nasa.
I think it should be easy to pick out the options at app load. I didn’t see the menu till I hit back button on the phone.

Great work! It’s good to know a solution exists to help know the fees involved for each option.


I think everything is there. Some fields have been renamed though.

Maybe you are looking at the Treasury Bonds page instead of the Treasury Bills one?


As soon as I know how to do this, I will add it.


It was broken when i checked, now it’s fine.


Mbona sisi watu wa iOS tunapewa emoji?


Naona haujapata easter egg. Hebu click the emoji.


Hahah… Afungue GoFundMe tumchangie


Hey guys,

Just a quick update.

There is now a PesaWise website.

Link -

We are aware bundles and load speeds are a big deal so we optimized the site greatly.

Initial download size is around 990 Kb. All subsequent loads are 7-10 Kb.

All major mobile and desktop browsers should work just fine with a few exceptions:

  • Opera Mini with extreme mode activated breaks the site.
  • UC Mini with speed mode activated breaks the site.

As for the app, we will be unpublishing it soon. We would like to make the site a complete progressive web app (PWA).


Hey @Trey, is there a way you can create an alert for exchange rate on paypal to equity? am currently checking their self-service portal every now and then to see if they have reached at least 98…:grin::grin: so that I can withdraw some money…


Adding that to the site would require user accounts to prevent abuse. I really do not want to handle any personal information.

I can setup a cron job that sends you the rates every 12 hours to your email.

PHP is foreign to me. I don’t know how to check if the rate is >=98 or send out a nice looking email. :blush: