Paypal to Mpesa and Vice-Versa


Now see the 105.24 and the 98. Something they give tis aint how the exchange rate shud be the gap is too big


From the pricing terms they state they will use forex rates not from cbk or local banks.They are a few shillings apart.


So today i tried to use my mpesa linked PayPal account and guess wat the book site rejected the account and i cudnt understand why the only message was that my visa card is rejected


This Equity PayPal ad has started popping up on my side a lot. I rarely see any Equity Ads.


Who here has completed a transaction successfully?


Guys, mid-month payday is almost and still I haven’t been able to connect my PayPal to Mpesa. My name, phone number, ID etc are all the same in both accounts. I contacted TransferTo but they never replied… I don’t want to wait for equity’s 3 day withdrawal plus the charges (including sending back to my Mpesa to pay some guys) :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: Anyone with the solution to this?


Have you tried contacting safaricom they are resolving this issues


This is a Safaricom service. Contact them.


I know a few people who have, from 2 hours to 48 hours, longer for those moving large amounts.


I did. Both “upload” and “download” of funds. Uploads are instant. Downloads depends with amount. It takes anywhere from 2 hours (for small amounts) to 3 days (for large amounts). I know some guy who did a $700 withdrawal and it took 3 days to be finalized.


Okay, lemme contact them asap


Exactly the same? Even the format of your name? Because that’s weird.


I actually do not even understand what is going on, cuz, Safaricom has my details (ID name), but on PayPal, I never included surname when I opened it in 2014. Wenye mnatumia the services and the linking process worked, do you have surname on PayPal? Safaricom asked me to drop the last name on PayPal and just change it to first name and surname. Am still waiting for PayPal to approve my utility bills for it to let me change my name. If it works I will let you know.


I don’t think so but my case might be special. However, my surname on mpesa and paypal is the same but my first names are different.


For me, only my surname is the same on both platforms. So I don’t understand why it would work for some and refuse others.