Opera Mini Browser



Uses Opera Mini for years. It’s a good browser for low end phones. Currently, Chrome stole me away from Opera Mini


The irony here is that these days Opera desktop is basically a reskinned version of Chrome with features borrowed from Opera Mini.


But opera has experience creating light applications running on low end devices. That experience matters and that why Opera desktop is superior to chrome, if you ask me. Google just focuses on features, giving little thought on things such as RAM, laptop batteries and stuff


Google control development on the browser engine that is shared by Chrome and Opera under the Chromium project. So when it comes to performance and resource utilisation there’s very little that Opera can realistically improve over Chrome.


Uh… Not really. Chromium browser engine is open source so no single entity “controls” it. Maybe the direction of its development might be somewhat influenced by the most dominant users (Google) but they don’t call the shots. Basically, the engine is developed continuously by a massive number of developers and is available to browser makers" as is." It’s like being handed dough and told to do whatever you want to do with it. Some bake cakes, others cookies, and some chapatis. It’s the skill of the" chef" that counts.


I think Opera Mini gets a bad wrap just because people have “outgrown” it but it’s the only acceptable browser for people with low-end phones, and we have a lot of them right here in our beloved country. Heck, I have a mid-range phone and still use it quite a lot because it’s simply faster because of the data saving features. I don’t see why fully-fledged browsers and their less-capable siblings cannot coexist.

The gist is that you don’t need a Katana (Japanese sword) to chop up a grapefruit – a good ol’ Swiss Army knife will do the job a lot better and leave the scene a lot less messy.