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Do they refund for lost Cargo…!?


My Something Random lost your packages? Because for sure they are not a rebrand of Kote et .al.

Nice review @Trey.

They don’t like to publicly post the lithium charges since they know hizo ni pure extortion. I seem to remember it being 1000 for small items like toys and watches, 2500 for phones. Laptops I’m not sure but definitely higher.

Customer service is good but of late it’s been hit or miss. Maybe it’s growing pains though.


Guy’s my friend just got conned. Wanted to inform you
Check the above link. Savo store


Tell your friend to also file a complaint with The Better Business Bureau (BBB) California.

Savo Store is BBA accredited .


weeeeh 500k gone just like that …?:thinking:


They issued a statement:


I don’t believe them. My guts tell me that this is just a process of handling crisis. I don’t think that mpesa message was a fabrication :roll_eyes:.


How do you defend yourself before investigating the issue? Hawa watajikaranga kama Olive Restaurant


Nobody has mentioned Linctech Global Logistics, i used them late 2014 and i didn’t have a problem with them. Any had a bad experience with them or what?


Tell us more, seems like no one has heard of them.


That is their website, it has pretty much everything you would need to know, shipping cost is at $9.50 per kg or 4.40 per pound. their manifest for both air and ocean is right there so you can track your cargo movement, they give you a tracking number for your cargo. I had no need for customer care last time out so i can’t vouch for them on that



Also recently I came across this gazetted cargo consolidators that you can use for your international shipping but just b4 that those of you who have used any among the listed ones maybe you can give us a review at least so we can learn from your experience.


That is what they claim on their website.

That is what you actually get charged, Basically if you buy goods worth USD 500 above the USD 15 minimum charge you pay another 25



We really need that. But their rates must be affordable.



Has anyone tried shopping from Amazon/AliExpress via Avechi?


Wait… Via Avechi?


Just a curios question on cosmetics and perfumes(Designer fragrances) …since they seem banned in majority of the shipping services discussed on this topic …whether big or small how do the retailers get the products from overseas?