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Update Right after i posted the above post i logged into my Ebay account to complain about my order which i hadn’t recieved for close to 2 months now and asked for a refund. ```Something Random` had already sorted me out with my other item so i didn’t really need this one from Ebay to be shipped anymore. Minutes after lodging the complaint i got this reply from Ebay

The next day (this morning at 4am) i received an email from Ebay that a refund had already been effected in my account from the seller (That was fast)

And my Paypal account promptly credited

Ebay Money back guarantee really works


Think am ready to start shipping using Something Random :thinking:


Thanks for the update and for the positive reviews about @Srandom it seems the guys are excellent I will try them soon, If you were to rate them on a scale of 1-10 what score would you give them .


Based on your experience I think srandom is the way to go for Online Shopping & Shipping to Kenya from USA .


What about tax?



From buying experience, are you charged tax?


I’ve only bought one item from them, not enough experience to give a credible viable rate

I covered this earlier in the thread. the short answer is no, scroll up to find a more detailed illustration i posted that might answer your question or alternatively click on @General s link above


No tax, Used them, they’re really good(9/10), will drop a proper review soon.


Sorry to hear that you got fake things at Banggood. I usually got what I had bought before Equity started blocking visa payments to the site. Their customer care reps told me it’s because of fraud on the site. I think fakes could be there too, I just haven’t got anything fake from the site yet.


Please do. Thanks.


FAQ says the rates are inclusive of local taxes; This would be the smart thing to put on a website…even if they have a way to dodge KRA.


Waiting…, Drop it soon manze we compare notes.


If someone also know of a fast and reliable shipper from UK chanua sisi tafadhali …


SR also ship from the UK.


Thanks @Satoshi sikuwa nakumbuka Sr covers US and the UK as well.


I finally decided to try out Something Random.


I recently needed a few items from Amazon and eBay. I decided to split my order between Kentex Cargo and My Something Random.

  • Kentex Cargo

The order arrived at their Texas address on April 24th. Kentex shipped it out the same day.

The items were ready for pickup on May 4th.

Since the items were less than 1kg, I paid the minimum $15 and $2.65 for courier fees.

The dollar rate they quoted was extremely high (106.x). I had to complain before they lowered it to 105.5

They claim the use the Equity Dollar Rate + 1 but 105.5 was still 2 bob more. Got tired of arguing about this.

  • My Something Random

The order arrived at their Delaware Address on April 25th.

On April 28th, I got this in my email.

My order did have a single AA alkaline battery in it so I was a bit worried. The order was clearly not opened since the original seal was still on.

The items were shipped out on May 4th and were ready for pickup on May 14th. The items were under 1 pound so I paid the minimum Ksh. 750 + Ksh. 350 for courier fees.

Kentex Cargo

  • Pros
    • Clear pricing structure. No hidden fees.
    • Very fast when everything is going well. From experience though, their delays can take weeks to sort out. You will also NEVER know there is a delay until you call.
  • Cons
    • As usual, the customer care is terrible. Trying to inquire about your items before they arrive in Nairobi is pure hell. Nobody seems to know anything.
    • They take ages to reply to emails or Whatsapp messages.
    • It seems they have started to jack up their dollar rate despite their policy.
    • Minimum charge is higher than MySomethingRandom.
    • Mandatory insurance for items over $200. (Pro or con depending on who you ask)

My Something Random

  • Pros

    • Customer care is good. My emails and Whatsapp messages were answered almost immediately. The people in charge knew when the items were shipped out and even know when the items should be ready for pickup.
    • Notifications when there is a delay. I am not sure if they do this for all delays but I really appreciated the heads up. That email alone has probably earned them a new customer (for orders without a battery at least)
    • Very fast. Based on my order and other reviews here, it is clear their service is fast.
    • Minimum charger is lower than Kentex Cargo.
    • Their shipping and courier fees are quoted in Kenyan shillings. The dollar rate will not affect the amount you pay.
    • Mandatory insurance kicks in for items above $500. (Pro or con depending on who you ask)
  • Cons

    • Micro-transactions galore.
      • Need us to buy the goods for you? 20% of your order total so that we can follow up on the tracking and stuff.
      • Need us to send the items to you via G4S? Add 100 bob for transport from our office to G4S.
      • Are your items above 5kgs? Please add 50 bob per KG to the delivery fee.
      • Does your order have a battery in it? If it is an alkaline battery, we may or may not charge extra for that. If it is lithium-ion, we will definitely charge you extra. Please contact us to find out the rate.
    • Lithium-ion handling fee. They do not list the charges for this on their website, you have to call. From what I was told, it seems the minimum fee is 1000 bob for something like a watch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Their office is so far from the CBD. I do not think I have been to that part of Nairobi.

I think I will start using MySomethingRandom for light orders without a battery. Be very careful with them though, their charges can add up very fast.


Thanks, @General for that insightful review I think Srandom are getting it right except on the battery part I also look forward to trying them someday soon .


My Something Random seems to be a rebrand of Kote Cargo aka Elusive Edward
As someone posted online Kote Cargo = AirCargo = Cargo Imara = Anja Express Cargo = LOST CARGO

I learnt a lesson the hard way when they lost my packages .


I do not think so get your facts right .