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Hey @Satoshi,

How long do they take to delivery? Have you shipped anything expensive ($1000+) with them? What is their insurance policy for lost/damaged goods in transit?

I have been using B&H and Newegg to save on US sales tax but they don’t have everything. Shipping to Delaware would save me so much money.


They ship out every Thursday and goods are ready for collection by Wednesday/Thursday.

They do have an insurance package you can subscribe to for high value items though I’ve never had occasion to use it. Haven’t shipped anything over 1000+, mostly in the region of 100-700.

Someone told me kentex now has a delaware address but I don’t know how true it is.


Thank you for the info.

I will consider them the next time I have to ship something.

My last shipment was sent to Texas (December 2017). Unless they changed it this year, it should still be at Texas.


Getting back on topic… I don’t think it’s easy to buy something on and ship it with a courier other than the ones listed on their website during checkout. The only way I see that being possible is if your courier company orders goods on your behalf and gets them delivered to their warehouse in China (if they have one) and then organizes to bring them to Kenya. Could that be more expensive than using the options available at GearBest?


After reading your post i decided to holla at Something Random via whatsapp and yes they are cheaper than the options i was settling for and to illustrate this, i will use one of the products i wish to import against the various Freight Forwarding Service Providers i was initially comfortable with listing them from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Product to be Imported

1. Vitumob - KShs 4,486
Item Price - KShs 2,261
Customs & Import Fees - KShs 271
Shipping & Handling - KShs 1,592
VAT - KShs 362
NB: Vitumob quotes in KShs and uses their own Currency Conversion Rate of $1=102.81KShs

2. Kentex - KShs 4,427
Item Price - KShs 2,236
Shipping - KShs 666
Air Shipping - KShs 1525
Processing fees - KShs 0
NB: Kentex quotes in dollars, i used the Current Currency Conversion Rate of $1=101.68 KShs to arrive at KShs4,427. Using Vitumobs conversion rate of $1=102.81KShs would give Kentex a total of Kshs 4,476 still making it cheaper than Vitumob.

3. Mall for Africa - KShs 4,351
Item Price - KShs 2,236
Duties & Taxes - KShs 336
Convenience Fees - KShs 1017
Shipping Price - KShs 763
NB: Mall for Africa quotes in dollars, i used the Current Currency Conversion Rate of $1=101.68 KShs to arrive at KShs4,351. Using Vitumobs conversion rate of $1=102.81KShs would give Mall for Africa a total of Kshs 4,399 still making it cheaper than both Vitumob and Kentex

4. Savo Store - KShs 4,198
Item Price - KShs 2,236
Import Fees: KShs 402
Shipping & Service: KShs 1,560
US Domestic Shipping: KShs 0
Storage: KShs 0
NB: Savo Store quotes in KShs and uses the Current Currency Conversion Rate of $1=101.68KShs

5. Something Random - KShs3,146
Item Price - KShs 2,308.95
Service Fee 20% x 2,308.95 = 461.79
Weight - KShs 375
NB: Something Random quotes in KShs and uses their own Conversion Rate of $1=105KShs

From the list it is clear that Something Random is the cheaper option even though their Currency Conversion Rate is higher than the rest. The other feature i liked about them is you pay 50% of the total quoted price, and the rest you pay when picking your item. Their Delivery Period is 7-9 days. Well lets just say i paid up and now i’m waiting for my product.

I will give feedback once i receive my product. Thanks @Satoshi for the heads up.

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What is this service fee? I did not see any mention of it on their site.


My guess is it’s their processing/handling fee for small category
lightweight items such as mine. Below is a part of a write-up they sent me on my whatsapp about their services.

Kindly note that we offer a mandatory luxury handling fee (5% of purchase price) for all items priced at $500 and above. Along with this, we charge a lithium handling fee for all electronics with lithium ion battery included charged at ksh. 1000 for toys​:watch::battery:,ksh. 2500 for cameras :camera:,phones :iphone:and and tablets and ksh 5000 for drones,computers :desktop_computer:and laptops​:computer:

Flammable items such as perfumes, nail polish and aerosol containers are considered dangerous goods :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:and as such are discouraged. If you desire to ship them over anyway, we hold no liability for any loses due to confiscation at customs.

Happy shopping :shopping::shopping::shopping::shopping:.In case of any questions,please feel free to ask.


It seems shipping electronics with them can be quite expensive.

  • Mandatory luxury handling fee (5% of purchase price) for all items priced at $500 and above.
  • Lithium handling fee

I also saw a 5% insurance fee on their site.

It seems most/all of the US sales tax savings are gobbled up by their fees.

Let me contact them and clarify all this.

Thank you @Krizwech


This is a very good breakdown man for someone like me and anyone following and who wishes to purchase in future using the above shipping companies thanks for this I will have to bookmark it coz I will have to refer to it someday soon or in the near future.Now we need to hear about your experience with the company you have chosen they might earn themselves some customer from this forum that is depending on how the overall shipping process will go.


share with us the feedback .


I spoke to someone from Something Random a few hours ago.

The 20% service fee applies when they make the purchase for you. This covers the Lithium-ion handling fee if you are shipping an item with Lithium-ion batteries.

5% insurance is optional (I think)

We are offering our time and some sites require that we log in or sign up to purchase a product.We also have to make international calls in case anything happens with your product.We incur transaction fees as well on our cards as well as PayPal fees. Any hassle that comes with your goods will be solely our responsibility. There are many factors that play into that service fee.

Unfortunately, most US-based retailers do not accept payments from Kenyan credit/debit cards or PayPal accounts. You will have to rely on them to purchase it for you.

Something Random is the best choice if your items are small and cheap or if the site allows payments from Kenyans.

Kentex is cheaper for large & expensive items if you can not make the payment yourself.

Both use the actual weight for most items.


thanks so much @General for enlightening us further on that I personally hadn’t heard about #somethingrandom thanks to @Satoshi now am more enlightened


Going through OP @sarunibm post, methinks the easiest option is just free shipping/expedited shipping it to your US address then getting it shipped to you via your reshipper(Kentex, save store, et. al). Takes a little extra time plus you can’t use paypal and their wonderful buyer protection with this option unless you buy a US PayPal account linked to your reshipment address :sunglasses:.


They always deliver but 2 months ago I bought sunglasses but upon receiving them, the box was already opened and ikafungwa na the normal tape, the glasses were fine except the receipt was saying size 51 but the glasses were size 49 (not what I ordered)


They repack packages. Sometimes tiny items arrive in huge boxes. When they were still new, you’d receive a huge box with tiny items.


Sunglasses boxes are small there is no need for repackaging


I highly doubt they ship with that box only.

They usually put it inside another larger box with paper wrap or those white things. Most retailers do this.

They might also be verifying the package contents especially if you placed the order yourself. Some things such as deodorants, cigarettes etc are banned.

Anyway, I’d recommend talking with someone from there for an actual answer. I am just spitballing here.


Well 22 days later my item arrived, I would’ve gotten it in 7 - 9 days as they promised but the following events made it take longer and judging by the events that took place i wouldn’t blame them. Below is the breakdown of those events

6th March, 2018 - I ordered for my item and paid for the deposit which is usually half the price of their quote. (Payment is via LIPA na MPESA)

9th March, 2018 - I was informed my item had been bought and was on its way to their address in the US. (I guess this ‘address’ was their warehouse in Delaware)

NB: Something Random ship their cargo every Thursday and since the 9th of March was a Friday, my item had missed that flight by a day so it had to wait for the next shipment which was next Thursday (15th March, 2018).

15th March, 2018 - My item leaves their warehouse and is shipped to Kenya

27th March 2018 - My item arrives but the shipment isn’t cleared in time (I get informed of this delay)

28th March, 2018 - I get a call that my item is ready for pick up. Later in the day i went to pick up my item and paid up the rest of the amount.

Well I can’t complain coz at least i got my item unlike Ebay which to date still hasn’t delivered my earlier ordered item which was ordered way back in January (I will log into Ebay and complain to the seller and also ask for a refund).

I loved how i was informed of my items progress all the step of the way. I would recommend “Something Random” to anyone anytime. But most importantly what I’ve learnt from this experience is in order for you to get an item early, you have to take note of the freighters shipment date and order your item/s 4-5 days prior.


Thank you for the update @Krizwech

This is my biggest issue with Kentex. They WILL NEVER inform you when there are any delays (It doesn’t matter if the delay is for a few days or a month).

I have never received an item on time despite it arriving in Texas a few days before the shipping out date.

Good to hear Something Random is different.

If you use free shipping, I’d recommend ordering a week earlier.


Thanks for the update @Krizwech

Yes, even more than a week. I remember when my prime trial ended, Amazon shipped my item on the last estimated day and then missed a delivery. From ordering it took almost 3 weeks to be delivered to the US address. I almost paid for prime right there and then.