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Try mall for Africa they are very fast in shipping and gives realtime updates on the shipping process i have used them to ship from amazon and the item arrived by the second week.


Awesome, Mall For Africa are cheaper than Vitumob by 600/- for the same items and they even have a Chrome Extension like Vitumob making cart check outs easier.

Before i make a decision, lets wait for other suggestions and see if there are other services with better quotes out there.


If you use Kentex, it should be $30+ cheaper

$121.94 + $15 (minimum charge for items less than 1kg)

Expect to wait 2-3 weeks though. Their ship out dates differ a lot.


Wonderful, i just requested a quote for the two items on their website. I will post their response here and compare


IIf the items are shipping from USA you could try this guys i have heard so many positive reviews about them .then you can also try i hear there also good you can check them out and find out more.


First I’ve heard of e-njiwa (Who comes up with such names :grin:). Reminds me I signed up for mpost, gave it a few weeks and went down to a post office and sent a letter to myself. Suprise surprise it never arrived and they couldn’t trace it. Maybe I’ll try this e-njiwa and see.

For Amazon US I’d recommend somethingrandom. They are based in Delaware so no stateside taxes for your purchases, unlike mallforafrica and others. They ship every Thursday and the shipping only service is 750 per pound so if you bought these yourself you would only pay that when collecting. They can also order on your behalf though that tends to be slightly more expensive.


So Kentex reply came back but whats with the hidden charges? That’s a turn off for me


Explore the other options we have suggested above and give us feedback on what is the best option


jamexexpress seems like a cubemovers solution for guyz living in the states to Kenya so let me leave them out for now. Peercargo seems to engage their customers via whatsapp, i’ll give them a try and request for a quote.


ok that’s cool :+1:


mysomethingrandom ‘no tax gimmick’ is interesting, i will also give them a shout and see how their package is


They charge based on weight and it impossible to determine the weight of the goods before receiving them.

Your items will not be more than 1kg. The minimum charge will apply ($15)

They are generally open about this on their website and quotation (as seen above)


I think its because of the weight(they have the rates which you can use to estimate the costs)


but I think on Amazon under the product information section there’s somewhere usually the weight of any product is stated so they should just use that information and do all the calculations they need .


Yes. It exists.

However, that does not factor in any packaging that will be used. Kentex also repackages/consolidates your items if the original packaging was too big.

I honestly do not see a scenario where both items will cost more than $15 to ship (1kg minimum)


ok I get you now thanks for that clarification :+1:


PeerCargo are not responding to their whatsapp and funny thing is i can see them online smh, of all the suggested services, Kentex came out the cheapest


mysomethingrandom website is not user friendly, at some point, the membership web page becomes unresponsive. You have to refresh the page for it to become responsive again. I’ve abandoned asking them for a quote due to this glitch.


Thanks for the heads-up man once the shipping is done do revert back and tells us about the experience.


Hapo siwezi watetea because I’ve never used their website, only Facebook, WhatsApp and phone. For the 2 years and dozens of items I’ve been with them, they’ve been consistently cheaper than anyone, especially for small items like yours. The Delaware address has saved me lots of $$ too, plus I use my own dollar card to avoid those hiked bank conversion rates. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.