Nokia - Monthly Security Updates


Since I got the Nokia 5 I have noted that the monthly security updates are always timely.
In a fragmented android world it’s always reassuring to know the device manufacturers has not forsaken you even on peasant model kama Nokia 5.


Believe you me I have been a fanboy of a smartphone company for many years, even not caring about being on the latest Android version and recent patch, but I’ve learnt how awesome that feels in the last few months.




I thought it was Sony but then here we are with the TRUTH


The Sony fanboy here is @kiruti


Reminds me of my Windows Mobile days, monthly updates… sigh


I have just retired my Lumia 640XL, it still works.

I agree, bado tunangoja 8.1 Beta for Nokia 2 this month.


Yes the feeling is great,
Ever since I ditched my stock rom for an AOSP based custom rom my redmi note 4 gets updates slightly 2 days after my friend who has a nokia 6 gets them.


Hey mind disposing off to me we can talk i need a windows phone