Nokia 7 Plus vs One Plus 5T


Does anyone know where I can get OnePlus 5T at a good offer (max 55k) ? I read a certain thread on this forum (about a vendor who sells hard-to-find devices) which scared me. I think I’d rather buy Nokia 7 Plus which has local support than risk so much money and pay for the risk if the device has / develops an issue.


You can get the 5T at for Kes.54,500


Blink twice if Avechi is holding your family hostage. :joy::joy:

He is talking about Avechi.


This has been demolishing my battery of late. It’s the first mobile game I’ve kept installed, others I install and forget about in a day or so.


I have a 5T myself.
So far, so good


Got my 5T from Avechi…


@Stiffler254 how long have you had it?


Couple of months now


Buying a phone from Avechi is not the problem. Issue is getting it serviced or repaired. Buy from them but don’t rely on their warranty.


True, will give them a try.