Nokia 7 Plus is Everything I have ever Wanted


:roll_eyes: Really? Not even HTC? Ericsson’s were never great… (As far as I can remember)… Only that Sony has been trying for so long to fool us with 4k screens and 20 megapixels devices.

Get Xperias :grin:


Then it comes down to preference. I will go with the poco and share my experience.


Lower mid-range, I will have to choose Nokia 7.1 plus. SD710 is hard to beat for that price. Upper mid-range (or lower flagship) it’s OnePlus… No debate


I have read online that it is not well optimized. Don’t forget the Poco has SD 845 and if you don’t normally drop phones like I do, it’s a steal.


I know poco has sd845… But that’s the only good thing about it. Share links about poor reviews for Nokia 7.1 plus. Remember that for now it’s just a Chinese model, not global.


Xiaomi Kenya informed me that it will go on sale soon, officially speaking. Nokia 7 plus also supports Faiba 4G and I am sure Poco will only support safaricom and Telkom


Xperia and Sony Ericsson are still the same brand right? I feel really old.

HTC have always been awesome though.

Higher mid-range my brother. My iPhone is feeling lonely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


November 1st


Cautionary tale on the Xiaomi before I can figure out why this happened.

It basically means many apps like DSTV Now that I use regularly cannot work. The reason is that the device is not certified by Google. I have absolutely no clue why that happened from yesterday. This is a mega deal breaker.


Did you buy from Xiaomi or from 3rd party retailers? If it’s the latter, then your device was a Chinese model which was flashed with global ROM. Visit Xiaomi… But if you didn’t buy from them I doubt they will help…


I bought the device from Xiaomi Kenya so they might help. I know the guys but this is a very difficult challenge to explain.


It’s not hard to explain to them cuz they know. Every OEM knows why a device may fail google registration. Ask them to lock bootloader or give you a replacement.

FYI: If you try locking bootloader yourself you will brick the device cuz Xiaomi doesn’t allow it. I wonder how your device unlocked the bootloader by itself cuz its a process, you need permission from Xiaomi through email to unlock.


I had unlocked and then locked again so it might be that :joy:. Major reason might be my beta Xiaomi rom.


ooh, :joy::joy: hapo you are on your own. They won’t help in a such a case. and it won’t lock :rofl: You agreed to terms and conditions when you sent them unlocking message


It seems it is caused by a bad update on Xiaomi’s part so it will get corrected this Friday during the next update.


Thats definitely not xiaomis fault. Even my bootloader unlocked, rooted, modded xiaomi is google certified. It’s most probably something you did but not to worry it is easy to fix, just go here and follow the instructions.


That did not work. The only thing it is affecting is I cannot stream EPL games with the DSTV Now app


Correction Xiaomi allows for boooader unlocking that’s one of the reasons they are attractive to people who love mods. Though you have to apply for the unlock


I said “If you try locking bootloader,” not unlocking. Yes unlocking is allowed but under conditions, thats why you have to send a message to them asking for permission. They don’t allow locking after you unlock.


This is why xiaomis are so attractive for tinkerers. Once you’ve unlocked your phone you can still lock it, you don’t require permission permission, just run the standard fastboot oem lock and it’s relocked. But unlocking again you’ll need to use their official app and I think you are limited to twice a month for that. They really don’t mind you unlocking, relocking, reunlocking, re-re-locking, etc.