Nokia 7 Plus is Everything I have ever Wanted


dual sim, i don’t know if there is a single sim variant.


If it passes via Safaricom it will definitely be.


There’s a single sim variant saw a Indian tech youtuber unbox a single sim variant


Oh well… It’s a solid phone though.


So did we get the Nokia 7 Plus?


By the way the Moto z is going for 26k( ati from 100k…) on Jumia. Is it a good deal?


Hey, btw is it possible to request for us the VoLTE update from Faiba and Nokia mobile on these new devices? (6.1, 7 plus) There’s no voice calling, only data :frowning:


We are getting some update later this week, let’s hear what it comes with.







Turns out it’s the last Beta update and not the official release. Nkt!


the Nokia 7.1 plus i just a dissapointment , what the hell is wrong with manufactures


How so? Do share.


maybe because i hate the notch and battery size drop


I completely agree with you (in my use case). But, its actually better.


Compared to Nokia 7 Plus, 7.1 Plus has 7% less battery, “taller” screen which makes videos look more cropped if you don’t want full screen viewing, glass sandwich design, and a notch.

How it’s better

However, you will be surprised to learn that 7.1 Plus is “better.” Why? It will be cheaper (kitu 25k/210 euros), has SD710 built on 10nm process (compared to 14nm on 7 Plus’ SD660, hence battery life will be almost the same or better), it’s shorter by 2% (but the notch eats up the real estate), and lighter by around 3%.

PS: I really hope it has NFC. Otherwise…


the price is till tempting though


Compare this phone with the pocophone f1 which is in the same price range and will be launched by xiaomi kenya in November 1st. I will go for the pocophone.