Nokia 7 Plus is Everything I have ever Wanted


I want to understand what you mean by this.


White or anything close to white :grinning:


That you will be getting so many questions and looks about your phone.


Since when did that become a problem?


Black of course. Looks so dope with those gold/copper lines :sunglasses::grin:


Are you trying to talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry?


No, just Tom and Harry. :blush:



Watched the review and Saruni kept admiring the gadget more than the review tells u how much he is into it. And again techweez keeps improving everyday kudos


Just curious
Several months down the line, is it Still the best phone that you ever wanted/ never had…!


Unpopular opinion, I prefer Nokia 8, especially since I can get it at 35k on phoneplacekenya.


I still think its solid tbh. for 35k it has little competition for what it offers. I dont think Nokia 8 supports project treble, 7 plus does (all devices launching with Oreo must have the support). If you love those updates, you need treble in your device out of the box.


Updates should not worry you. It’s Nokia anyway.


To be honest i dont think project treble matters that much for nokia devices since already nokia have promised regular updates to their smartphones
And also it would have helped in custom ROM development if you could
unlock the bootloaders


I think it does matter… probably the reason why Nokia was able to jump into Android P beta bandwagon with a mid-ranger and not its flagship… Also, am a fan of that huge battery and screen, both of which are absent on the 8.


I would also take the 7 plus over the 8
But the Android P beta is because Qualcomm is working with google in the beta testing for some chipsets. i dont think its because of treble support otherwise all phones with project treble could have gotten the Android P


It turns out am right, when you open android p beta Developers page, this message greets you… Its because of project Treble.


Got Nokia 6.1 from them today at 23,500, delivered to my place within 2 hrs.


@BoazKE Got it for 22,500 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: from them too :blush::blush:


Is the nokia 7 plus dual sim or single sim