Nokia 7 Plus is Everything I have ever Wanted


Mathematically speaking 18:9 should look slimmer than 16:9 but, implemented on phones, they often don’t look much slimmer. From what I understand, the new 18:9 aspect ratio was introduced to increase screen real estate because of taking advantage of reduced top and bottom bezels. The side bezels couldn’t be reduced by much unless we’re talking about bezel-less 18:9. That’s why even though an 18:9 aspect ratio phone has a taller screen, many midrange phones with that aspect ratio don’t look much narrower than their 16:9 counterparts.


The signal is here mama


Tomorrow is the d-day… In 24hours, we’ll know what Nokia is bringing to the Kenyan market.


Any available streaming links?


do Kenyans stream their events? I doubt they will, maybe twitter highlights. Hebu kina @sarunibm na @martingicheru watupee invites tuende ka ni ya jioni… after works :grin::grin:


It’s a local launch… The major thing is price announcement. Although I have already seen some online shops selling the Nokia 7 Plus for Kes.37000.


Event ni ya Asubuhi, 8:30


This is a good price but the question is which model is this is it the 4gb or 6gb variant


Not bad!! mwenye alikua anaulizia 5T or 7Plus, just take 7 Plus cuz of price… Its too low to consider 5T (55k). Samsung will have a hard time selling A series devices in this segment.


Time is now.


I thought since its a big event, their might be streaming chances coz Kenya represents E.A



Shock on me.


Yes. HMD’s official price is 46k for the 4GB, 64GB model. But like I said, Instagram shops have the same phone for as low as 37K.


argh… waache za ovyo, In India it sells at 26,000 rupees (ksh39k)… 46 watakua wanaingia league ingine.


This is where I would advise everyone to let the hype die down since that price is targeting those going for Samsung devices… mtu akishika s9 na s8 alafu afanye “comparison” yake (18:9 display will play a significant role here) anachukua Nokia which is “cheaper” and still a known brand with reliable support.


I wonder how much the 6.1 is huko Instagram​:thinking::thinking:


Pocket saver! hao


So what colour of Nokia 7 Plus are we getting?


Get the white with gold plates round the middle. Looks gorgeous


Black. White will attract too much attention.