Nokia 7 Plus is Everything I have ever Wanted


Most likely mid to late april


Skipping the Pixel 2 all the way to the 3? When I grow up I want to be like you.


There might be a mid-range pixel smartphone.


Nokia 6 2018, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco got an India launch earlier today. Matter of time now.


Pixel 2 is exciting but since I already have good Samsung phone that I bought late last year I dont think I am changing devices anytime soon. I’d probably get that Pixel 3 after its hype has died down and prices too.


I saw that today. But I meant whatever the upgrade of the Pixel 2 will be,


the launch price in india translates to 40,000 KES


Add tax and profit on that.


Indian price has tax and profit included, unless its a third party seller, the price should be almost the same or cheaper (like Nokia 6 2017 I think its cheaper in Kenya than it is in India). Otherwise itakua kucheswa.


It doesn’t have Kenyan tax, does it?


I am waiting for the 7, I am using the 2 and truth be told it’s a very useless device only helpful as a modern


Those who said Nokia 7+ will be locally available by April are here Mama, give a signal on how to deal with them…
I guess by the time it’s available, they few coins saved would have been used elsewhere.




I have an invite for the launch event in my inbox, is that a sign enough?


Well this is encouraging



I think that 40% is a stretch… After three months the price has barely moved… 6 months maybe… But three months is too soon.


Safaricom are still selling the Lenovo A6000 at 16,000, the same price I had bought one in 2015, it has 1gb ram 8gb mem and 5mp camera, Kenyans never drop prices.


I dont think smartphone prices in Kenya do change at all :pensive:, I mean, look at avechi or jumia. Devices which almost sell for half the prices internationally still cost almost the same price as new in Kenya. The only devices whose price decreases over time are Tecnos and Infinixes (the most crappy of these).


At least Samsung mostly use Super AMOLED screens and can choose to completely turn off that “useless” portion of the screen for a more immersive experience during games and movies. What I’d hate to see is weird grey areas at the edge of my screen when I play games on a notched phone with a normal lcd screen. What’s in a notch anyways??

Personally I think the vivo Apex phone that has a retracting front camera is on the right track. Now, that’s true bezel-less! And it’s from an android manufacturer! What do these Apple fanboys have to say about that? I don’t see the selfie camera being embedded into the screen any time soon even by Apple. Maybe they’ll be forced to copy Vivo’s solution. Which, even of they did, we Android guys won’t raise a storm about it. Apple guys simply like to have excuses to justify their exorbitantly priced phones.

I mean come on!! That iPhone notch is nothing revolutionary! This hullabaloo about Android manufacturer X copying Apple is all coming from Apple guys. I’ve just watched the Vivo Apex review by PhoneArena and even though he praises the concept phone’s design, at some point he claims it’s an iPhone rip off just because all icons are on the home screen! SERIOUSLY!! Are they still going on about that?! The Apex also has a working on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Apple snubbed that tech for iPhone X because they couldn’t implement it successfully but there are already Android companies that have proven it to be possible. Now, are we supposed to believe that iPhone is the creator of the screen-embedded fingerprint scanner if (when) they launch it in a phone that is not a prototype?

I am just tired of Apple fanboys claiming that the tech on their phones is the be-all and end-all of smartphone technology. Give us a break!!