Nokia 7 Plus is Everything I have ever Wanted


Is it just me but I feel the phone is too big for my hands😪


Nokia 7 Plus?


Let’s say I have love for smaller inch screen phones


Me too. I think I’m okay with below 5’5 inch


What are these notches? Asking for me.

I’m an old one who still loves to listen to FM Radio. Nokia 7 plus ticks all the dots, i see me getting this phone.
I’m a fossil so pardon my ignorance.


When did we become this crazy about bezels though? The Note and S lines are perfect as far as bezels go.

The bezels offer some space to hold the phone without interacting with the screen when watching videos or playing games.


Me too i dont know where such a craving for an all screen phone comes from wait untill they start to crack alafu mkose spares u’ll understand that as long as the screen is upto the expected inch content viewing still remains the same hata iwe kwa brick


Nothces… like that top bezel on the iPhone X that’s only in the middle of the phone.

Smartphone innovation has slowed down so now everyone is playing around with design and since ya’ll loved the S8 so much, all OEMs want to beat them and thus the suddent disappearance of bezels.


From the few reviews I have seen and the comments I read on different forums during the S9 launch, I have not seen anyone complaining about the design.

I feel like they can stick with the current design language for another 2-3 years without needing a refresh.

Those phones are pure eye candy.

Let’s talk about wireless audio on Android though? Apple removed the headphone jack and replaced it with a near flawless alternative. Android manufacturers started copying them without a proper alternative.

I can think of a handful of areas that need serious innovation. The bezel war has been won in my book.


:joy::joy::joy: so true.


The people I watched said the S9 is boring because it doesn’t bring anything new in design. Samsung will probably switch things up with the Note 9.


Tuseme tu ukweli. New Samsungs usually have a different design than the predecessors.

From all variants of the iPhone 6 all the way to iPhone 8 including the iPhone SE. We are speaking of around 5 devices here that look alike.

Now from the S6, S7, S8, and S9 these devices usually feature change in design. In fact, the design change is very noticeable in the Notes. Note 5, Note 7, Note 8.

People who say design is same need to change design, I guess they haven’t handled the devices. But that is not an issue. Even images tell you Samsung does something to change design.

The only guys who were great in design but they’ve lost momentum is HTC.


I wonder why none of the OEMs is considering wired Bluetooth earphones that hang around the neck like Pace mate. That’s a good alternative.


do these 18:9 screens have to be narrow, i have two devices both 6 inches but one is narrow


18:9 devices should be narrow by its nature


They have to. Here’s why: ordinarily, we’re used to fat, 16:9 screens. The 9 remains but 16 is elongated to 18, meaning the frame has to get thin (while keeping how we measure screen size - diagonally).


April is here. Any news about availability.


Eh…chill… Tutajua soon…


When is soon hata mimi nimeamua i am buying a nokia i just want to compare prices


By the looks of things on this thread, come may, all we will be talking about is the Nokia 7 Plus. I saw an article that said it would be the rugged version of Google’s Pixel 2 XL. That is quite a comparison. I can’t buy it though because I have convinced myself all I need in a phone will be in the next release of the Pixel series. The pixel 3. It may have a notch though :neutral_face: