New app to share lifts with - car pooling in Kenya


@Adrian_Teri, we are really cashing in. So far so good but still a lot of sensitization needed.


Thanks @Adrian_Teri. Work in progress.


How do you guyz benefit, whats your commission?


We upend a small markup on the cost set by the driver.


How much is small or what percentage…


This should be your moment to push your app aggressively. People park cars because they can’t afford to fuel them all through the month, and this strike was a good reminder that there is something to be done.

I should be able to tell whether in my estate there is a car leaving for town within the hour and plan with that.


Wacha nibahatishe nione kama naeza pata ride to Chitale, I mean, Kitale kesho.


So i tried to download via playstore,playstore inasema the app is not compatible with all my devices…Nipelift team bana,have an updated android apk somewhere on your website as least msitegemee playstore sana…now i would have sideloaded the app but i cant…i guess nitangoja 2


As Martin says, this period would have been best to push the app…


I am seeing some eyebrow-raising marketing messages on Twitter from Nipelift …I would advice the marketing manager to air on the side of caution ,… cc @uncleboni


@uncleboni How are you approaching marketing? The recent post you sponsored on Twitter about Sponsors and Slayqueens was nothing short of disturbing. Also, pitching your app as ‘Uber for shagz’ is rattling Uber to wage a war against you and you can’t win such a war.

A general advice is for you guys to think things through. Small details matter. Consult widely. A marketer and a lawyer would save you a lot of trouble from what I see.