Nakumatt Global Smart Card Rejected (Not Supported Anymore)


Yes. Please do.


Has anyone tried the Equity Prepaid Card?


I thought using prepaid cards for paying bus fare was scrapped after the Matatu Owners Association won a court case. Could you use a normal debit card with pay pass to pay fare when it was still active?

Nakumatt Global Card Alternatives

Spoke to people at Nakumatt Mega and it seems the REAL reason the card stopped working was due to a systems upgrade. They admit that during this period, one couldn’t load money via MPESA or at their tills but if you went to the cards respective bank - DTB OR KCB - you’d get your money.

Things seem back to Normal as of 1st August. I’ve confirmed the card is indeed working again - both topping up via mobile money and spending online - as seen below.

Nakumatt Global Card Alternatives

Still, with all the problems they have had for a while, they are leaking customers, and they don’t seem to have the energy to ask them to stay.


they (management) simply dont care anymore…


Too late. I already cut my card into two.


If you did not burn it with fire or use Dragonstone it will come back to haunt you.


At the moment I am using my Nakumatt Debit card for payments. Alternates could be

  • the KCB mastercard prepaid card (it works on most sites)

  • Equity debit card linked to your equity account

  • Co-op card as has been suggested earlier in the replied

To note Nakumatt are no longer replacing cards. Indicating that in the coming future, support for the card system will be kaput.


By the way got a pepea card recently it’s a MasterCard, I had issues with the initial registration but it works fine although I learnt that I can’t change the PIN, so far so good, I would avoid using my main account ATM for online purchases


So today visited DTB to request for this card and I was told that they no longer provide the Nakumatt Global Card. To those who have it, is it still functioning?

Well, I think it’s Kaput.


Still functioning. You are half right in that they won’t issue new cards as it was Nakumatt that requested the partnership, but its not ‘Kaput.’ Spoke to DTB and they say if another supermarket was to take over the ‘Nakumatt Card’ program they’d gladly continue.

Carrefour is the one DTB is interested in. Maybe if a local chain would get serious it could take over as well.

@martingicheru fanya mambo and share this with the right people. We’ve shown the interest is there, the contract work is between them now.


Well, you may already expect this or even be in the know, KCB is also dropping support for the Nakumatt Global Card. So literally it will go down with your points, at least move your money.


I threw away my card ages ago… but mine wasn’t KCB though


If KCB will gain in any way from the reward points, damn! hey will fetch real good.
Anyway, I hope they wont disappoint those card holders who will adopt their new card(I also doubt if its free changing to their new pepea card) , not sure if pepea will support MasterCard.