My shitty okash experience

That’s not Kenyan Law

Strictly speaking a lot of these shylocks operate in a legal grey area. It might not break any laws however that threat of CRB blacklisting or accessing your contact book is highly unethical.


Please check and address.

Here too

Okash be the new shylocks…gotta take their pound of flesh

That guy should file a police report in addition to highlighting the case on social media.

From my own experiences working in banking, guys that do debt recovery are scum and that line of work attracts the criminal element. They won’t care but Opera could finally be forced to handle that negative PR.

I am checking through play store and for some reason almost all loan apps have 1M+ downloads, kweli Kenyans tuko kwa shida, personally I was looking for funds, is the 1M downloads authentic.

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Hii pesa ya buree na ya kupewa PAP! ni laana aki. The cost of convenience is too high.

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