MPESA: is it finally time Safaricom considered making it a separate entity?


Totally makes sense but a lot is not adding up in regard to other figures being affected. We are still waiting for confirmation from CA over the number, as we also wait for Safaricom to speak out on it.


Which other figures?


The ones that @Trey highlighted. Kindly bear with me as I try to get all the correct information from both CA and Safaricom.


Okay. Thank you.


The CA updated the report and the glaring error was corrected.

From the wording, it appears that Safaricom may have submitted erroneous data in the first place.

Looks like the techweez article has also dissappeared, hopefully as @Trey said common sense will prevail over sensational reporting in future.


I kinda think differently on this maybe it wasn’t an error but an intentional wrong figure reporting to killer the safaricom dominance noise how comes when CAK shot down the plea to declare safaricom a dominant player they used the same figures to say safaricom had lost customers and number of transactions reduced too i read much more than the error figures


Safaricom is the Govt’s Cash Cow bana,there is no way they will let such a company lose its money making ability…Think of it as the Govt seeing it as its realized vision of what Kenya Postal & Telecommunications company was supposed to be and achieve.The Govt has big plans for Safaricom and will use every tool at their disposal to support its ability to keep generating more revenue and economic impact…


Article was updated to reflect the new numbers and an apology issued. Thanks to @Trey and @SamuelN for helping out resolve this. We appreciate your help and noted that next time we shall be on the look out for missing zeros - like seriously.


I have been following the Safaricom dominance debate quite a bit and there was no mention of any reduction in the number of transactions during the parliamentary committee meeting.

They did mention the loss of customers though

‚ÄúSafaricom has been progressively losing its market share over the period analysed. This means Safaricom does not possess Significant Market Power (SMP) over any of the markets analysed,‚ÄĚ said Mr Kariuki.


Bob Collymore expressed no regret in loosing customers if that’s what it takes for them to deliver quality. This was in regard to Airtel’s drop in call prices:


What an absurd statement. I guess that next you will imply that the government supports alcoholism to support that other big tax generating firm.


You need to look at the bigger picture bro,its not only a tax/money thing…safaricom has a huge marketshare in the internet space,they have a huge share in the mobile money/payments side…both of which have become so crucial in delivering govt services efficiently…Even when it comes to security,intelligence and surveillance capability,safaricom is an asset that can be used to achieve Govt goals on that front,the company through its MPESA platform has visibility on a lot of financial information that the Govt of the day can use to inform tax policies and track money in the economy…To think that the Govt has no plans for the company is to be very naive…