Monitoring MNO - #ElectionsKE2017



Yeah. The idea is to buy a tiny bundle like the 150 MB for 99 bob valid for one month. This way I’ll only have to add KES 1,188 for the whole year. That’ll make the total cash I spend to add up to KES 10,188 and the total data I’ll enjoy for the whole year will be 101.8GB. I’ll therefore enjoy 8.483 GB per month for about 850 KES which ain’t bad at all. That’s a rate of 100 KES per GB which is still the cheapest you can get for any mobile data plan.


According to an agent at their Harambee Avenue office, this doesn’t work that way. Bundle extension only works if you buy an equal or greater amount. This means the 90bday one would expire on due date and your daily bundle expires the next day. Same logic is used with the ‘bonus’ bundles telcos give you.

I suspect the codes used to purchase the bundles are different and what happens is if you buy different bundles, they simply stack all of them together like a strawberry vanilla pistachio Sundae at a restaurant and you consume each desperately instead of mixing them all up.

The ‘Why do data bundles expire’ article should help explain this.


They must be tightening the noose because there was a time I extended a monthly bundle with the 2-week bundle. The data accumulated and I had two more weeks to exhaust the leftover data from my monthly bundle. Anyways, I think the only way to beat the system is to wean ourselves on this data addiction.


I thought the catch was that the extension happens only when you buy another bundle of equal or more value, but anyway I will try I am currently on the Telkom’s homeplan for 100GB at ksh 6,000.


What is the validity period on your current bundle?


It’s 90 days, it actually cheaper at 6k on the 020 home plan the same 90 day 100GB on the normal 077 plan is 9k