Monitor Vs TV Screen


Kama OLED imefika 90K then thats great news coz its just a matter of time before OLED becomes affordable


I don’t think kuna OLED ya 90k… Ata zile mzee za LG… Ata QLED sidhani kuna less than 200k… Unless za 2014 huko. 2018 Qled ya Samsung 55" pale Game Store ni 250k. Anything less than that is not QLED… And more importantly, not OLED. just a normal UHD.

PS: if @sarunibm wants a 60" UHD TV that’s reliable, he should be prepared to shell out at least 120k. Otherwise, get 55" or lower.


Hakuna OLED ya 90k, ilikua QLED. Pia nilshtuka at the price of 90k. Nikifika Meru nitatake pic nitume hapa


Ask ni ya which year pia…


The cheapest route is sourcing in Dubai and using the Somali guys to bring it in. Buddy of mine did that for a 49" LG 4k Smart TV with the magic remote included at the price some Kenyan shops are selling 1080p tv’s. But that route is not for everyone, for example, if you prefer the comfort of having a warranty.


Turns out my brain divided the number by 2. The price is 180k. As a consolation for Saruni, the LG IPS display looks really good also at half the price.


Numbers don’t lie. The model number here matches the product description.


Maybe it’s true na nili assume tu.


cheapest i have seen is samsung 50MU7000 @ 80k 50" though sijui kama offer bado iko, was like three months ago


Sourcing from Dubai is a no for me.

Acha niangalie the options I have been given.

120k isn’t a bad price for OLED.


All you have to do is go to this big stores/supermarkets and look for a tv that you would love…make sure you take down all the specs…then go to luthuli and walk around all those shops…whichever shop you feel comfortable with, you buy…make sure that all the specs match and also carry a flashdisk that contains a video you feel like will bring out the full quality of the tv…you can download from youtube…also a sound test audio for the tv or hometheatre that you want to buy e.g a song that has fantastic beats etc…i did this and saved thousands upon thousands when buying my tvs and hometheater…i always use one shop because they always have what i want…burgain like your life depends on it…for 23k you can get a good LG 32’ instead of buying a monitor.


Only problem is the LG 32 will be 720p. I preferred a 1080p 24 inch monitor. The lag times in these TVs are shameful.


Input lag is always high on TVs than on dedicated monitors. But the price is higher on the gaming monitors compared to a TV with the same resolution and size. It’s up to you to decide whether you also need to watch TV and what screen real estate you want.


I decided to get a monitor and later when I have more money get a TV with respectable input lag.


Being a Sony Fan boy I’ve been reading this thread in the back seat juu mnaongea sana juu ya LG na sijawai ona OLED za Sony :mask:(my household has everything Sony i cant buy anything else i’m that dedicated to the brand). But this Saturday as i was driving through Uhuru Highway towards Westlands i saw a billboard advertising a Sony OLED TV now available in Kenya.

Anybody who has come across it kindly give us reviews, ama zimekuwa available kutoka kitambo ni vile mimi niko nyuma :grimacing: It was an A8F/AF8 Series. I watched a youtube comparison between the two brands video but i’d also like to know someone who has sampled the two. Pia bei zao muweke.


Over the past weekend i got to check out a Sony OLED model at an anisuma shop at the junction mall,ngong road…Honestly,it was just breathtaking,cant be compared even with the 4k LCD panels at the shop…the picture quality,the depth of the image,the contrasts…loved it…but its price tag was kity 400k lol,i was like damn,but OLED is just something else…


Woi, and the way Sony products ukisema utangoja bei ishuke ndio ununue you will really wait. I like the fact that it runs pure android OS and has mini sub woofers installed within itself. As for the picture i have never doubted Sony. But LG is giving it a run for its money