Mobile streaming


Good Internet, Showmax or Netflix subscription, Modbro and we’re good, right? What is a DStv?


Don’t forget KODI, why pay DSTV Kshs 8,180/- for the Dstv Premium package or DSTV Compact plus for Kshs 5,425 while i can simply just continue paying Safaricom Fibre Kshs 3,500/- and watch the same live sports and series on KODI for free and at my own convenience. Not to mention my stream isn’t affected by the rain like Dstv does.


So screw DSTV right? I stopped paying for DSTV like 6 months ago, I discovered Kodi and I surely ain’t bothered to pay for entertainment anymore.


tell me about it,kodi addons do just enough…not need to spend 8k or 5k when you just need to pay 3,500 for internet and stream football for free online on or using kodi addons like halow live tv,adrian sports and ukturks playlists


How soon before Kodi becomes a problem in Kenya like it is in the UK?

The Digital Economy Act has passed into law, meaning people could now face ten-year prison sentences for illegally streaming copyrighted content.

However, amid the rising popularity of Kodi, an increase to the maximum prison term – from two years to ten – for people guilty of copyright infringement is particularly interesting.
Anyone caught streaming TV shows, films and sports events illegally using websites, torrents and Kodi add-ons could technically face a decade behind bars.

Amazon and the Premier League are also cracking down on illegal streams fed to media players running Kodi.


I am crossing my fingers that this never happens.


Kenya is far from being a sustainable market for online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Online pay TVs etc. This means that these companies, unlike in the US, will not put any serious efforts to pushing the government to regulate the industry and this means Kodi, for Kenya, may be operational, legally, for longer than we may think.


Ahem, DSTV did get a box seller arrested in South Africa last year. Read here. Which in turn gave Kodi free advertisement.

The fight will be with datacenters that host offending servers.

The Premier League and UK ISPs are blocking server IPs that stream matches into the UK. It’s only a matter of time before it goes worldwide.




How much does anyone know about Terrarium TV?


Would be perfect if it worked on Android TV


Terrarium is excellent for movies and series. I use it on mobile though but I saw somewhere that it works on Android TV also. @sarunibm check out this discussion on reddit


Great. Thanks.


Isn’t terrarium just KODI addons in an (apk + netflix) format?


I don’t know about Kodi because I haven’t used it. From what I understand, Kodi is a media center application for home entertainment systems without any media. Isn’t it? I guess you could compare TerrariumTV with a Kodi addon because it enables you to stream or download a large number of movies and series. One difference I identified is that TerrariumTV is a standalone media/content delivery app.


I think they work the same way; scraping the internet for movie/series links(e.g Same thing with websites like fmovies.


Looks like it. But they do so quite impressively because I can download or stream series that would take forever to torrent because there are no seeders. I also get notifications of newly available episodes sometimes even ones that were released the same day.


Above link not working i download the app from :


by the way, where can I stream European football for free guys…? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: