Mi Home - The Hub ,Karen

Did Xiaomi open the much awaited Mi Home - The Hub ,Karen on Saturday ? I have checked online and there is no mention of the grand opening.

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Wow this is good, they should open soon xiaomi has some nice home stuff, I particularly like their induction cooker, hope they stock the whole range, it was just yesterday I bumped into

XIAOMIFY youtube channel
the guy review xiaomi stuff and they are impressive and not that expensive, please update when it’s open.

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its about time,Xiaomi have great products and an experience centre would do them so much good

There are things that work. Cutting advertising budget to bring costs down to consumers, but expecting that tech bloggers and other media will show up with the same no budget to an event at The Hub Karen on a Saturday, you are dreaming.

It never happened maybe @sarunibm can tell us more he was among the invited guests he may have seen the postponement memo.

Turns out…

What or Where is KIE ?

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Sometimes we forget that our country is a shit hole lol