Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries


While some of us were sleeping, a fast-spreading internet worm enriched with stolen NSA hacking code wreaked havoc Friday, ripping through thousands of organizations in at least 99 countries, crippling some hospitals, utilities, businesses and government agencies in an online extortion scheme that’s graduated to a near internet disaster.

Called “WannaCry,” the malware infects vulnerable Windows machines, encrypts everything, and presents the victim with a multilingual pop-up message demanding a $300 in BitCoin in exchange for the safe return of the files. It’s funny the US isn’t affected much.

A quick thinking researcher accidentally put a halt to new infections by sinkholing the domain kill switch.

Could this be hackers or someone targeting non US countries?


i am wondering if any computers at work have been infected by this ransomware attack


I hear older OS are more prone to attacks. Anyone experienced it on Windows 10??


Machines running Windows 10 are not affected, only windows 8 and below


Anyone in Kenya affected?


I have noticed nothing BTW anyone on windows 10 creators update doesn’t need any free or paid antivirus,Windows defender on this OS is really doing a great job in detecting,blocking and removing malware (in my opinion)